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;;; rinari-merb.el --- Rinari-Merb Is Not A Merb IDE
;; Copyright (C) 2008 Phil Hagelberg, Eric Schulte
;; Authors: Phil Hagelberg, Eric Schulte
;; Keywords: ruby, rails, project, convenience, web, merb
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;;; License:
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
;;; Commentary:
;; Rinari-Merb Is Not A Merb IDE.
;; Well, ok it kind of is. Rinari-Merb is a set of Emacs Lisp modes
;; that is aimed towards making Emacs into a top-notch Ruby and Rails
;; development environment.
;; Copy the directory containing this file into your Emacs lisp
;; directory, assumed here to be ~/.emacs.d. Add these lines of code
;; to your .emacs file:
;; ;; ido
;; (require 'ido)
;; (ido-mode t)
;; ;; rinari-merb
;; (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/rinari-merb")
;; (require 'rinari-merb)
;; Note: if you cloned this from a git repo, you probably have to grab
;; the submodules which can be done simply with the following commands
;; from the root of the rinari-merb directory
;; git submodule init
;; git submodule update
;; See TODO file in this directory.
;;; Code:
(let* ((this-dir (file-name-directory (or load-file-name buffer-file-name)))
(util-dir (file-name-as-directory
(expand-file-name "util" this-dir)))
(jump-dir (file-name-as-directory
(expand-file-name "jump" util-dir))))
(add-to-list 'load-path this-dir)
(add-to-list 'load-path util-dir)
(add-to-list 'load-path jump-dir))
(require 'ruby-mode)
(require 'inf-ruby)
(require 'ruby-compilation)
(require 'jump)
(require 'cl)
(defcustom rinari-merb-tags-file-name
"Path to your TAGS file inside of your rails project. See `tags-file-name'."
:group 'rinari-merb)
(defvar rinari-merb-minor-mode-hook nil
"*Hook for customising Rinari-Merb.")
(defadvice ruby-compilation-run (around rinari-merb-compilation-run activate)
"Set default directory to the root of the rails application
before running ruby processes."
(let ((default-directory (or (rinari-merb-root) default-directory)))
(defadvice ruby-compilation-rake (around rinari-merb-compilation-rake activate)
"Set default directory to the root of the rails application
before running rake processes."
(let ((default-directory (or (rinari-merb-root) default-directory)))
(defun rinari-merb-parse-yaml ()
(let ((start (point))
(end (save-excursion (re-search-forward "^$" nil t) (point)))
(while (and (< (point) end)
(re-search-forward "^ *:?\\(.*\\): \\(.*\\)$" nil t))
(setf alist (cons (cons (match-string 1) (match-string 2)) alist)))
(defun rinari-merb-root (&optional dir home)
(or dir (setq dir default-directory))
(if (file-exists-p (expand-file-name
(file-name-as-directory (expand-file-name "config" dir))))
(let ((new-dir (expand-file-name (file-name-as-directory "..") dir)))
(unless (string-match "\\(^[[:alpha:]]:/$\\|^/$\\)" dir)
(rinari-merb-root new-dir)))))
;; user functions
(defun rinari-merb-rake (&optional task edit-cmd-args)
"Tab completion selection of a rake task to execute with the
output dumped to a compilation buffer allowing jumping between
errors and source code. With optional prefix argument allows
editing of the rake command arguments."
(interactive "P")
(ruby-compilation-rake task edit-cmd-args))
(defun rinari-merb-script (&optional script)
"Tab completing selection of a script from the script/
directory of the rails application."
(let* ((root (rinari-merb-root))
(script (or script
(completing-read "Script: " (directory-files (concat root "script") nil "^[^.]"))))
(ruby-compilation-error-regexp-alist ;; for jumping to newly created files
(if (equal script "generate")
'(("^ +\\(exists\\|create\\) +\\([^[:space:]]+\\.rb\\)" 2 3))
(script (concat "script/" script " ")))
(ruby-compilation-run (concat root script (read-from-minibuffer script)))))
(defun rinari-merb-test (&optional edit-cmd-args)
"Test the current ruby function. If current function is not a
test, then try to jump to the related test using
`rinari-merb-find-test'. Dump output to a compilation buffer allowing
jumping between errors and source code. With optional prefix
argument allows editing of the test command arguments."
(interactive "P")
(or (string-match "spec" (or (ruby-add-log-current-method)
(file-name-nondirectory (buffer-file-name))))
(let* ((funname (ruby-add-log-current-method))
(fn (and funname
(string-match "#\\(.*\\)" funname)
(match-string 1 funname)))
(path (buffer-file-name))
(default-command (if fn
(concat path " --name /" fn "/")
(command (if edit-cmd-args
(read-string "Run w/Compilation: " default-command)
(if path (ruby-compilation-run command)
(message "no test available"))))
(defun rinari-merb-console (&optional edit-cmd-args)
"Run script/console in a compilation buffer, with command
history and links between errors and source code. With optional
prefix argument allows editing of the console command arguments."
(interactive "P")
(rinari-merb-merb "console" "-i" edit-cmd-args))
(defun rinari-merb-sql ()
"Browse the application's database. Looks up login information
from your conf/database.sql file."
(flet ((sql-name (env) (format "*%s-sql*" env)))
(let* ((environment (or (getenv "RAILS_ENV") "development"))
(sql-buffer (get-buffer (sql-name environment))))
(if sql-buffer
(pop-to-buffer sql-buffer)
(let* ((database-alist (save-excursion
(expand-file-name "config" (rinari-merb-root)))))
(goto-char (point-min))
(re-search-forward (concat "^:?" environment ":"))
(adapter (or (cdr (assoc "adapter" database-alist)) "sqlite"))
(sql-user (or (cdr (assoc "username" database-alist)) "root"))
(sql-password (or (cdr (assoc "password" database-alist)) ""))
(sql-database (or (cdr (assoc "database" database-alist))
(concat (file-name-nondirectory (rinari-merb-root))
"_" environment)))
(server (or (cdr (assoc "host" database-alist)) "localhost"))
(port (cdr (assoc "port" database-alist)))
(sql-server (if port (concat server ":" port) server)))
(if (string-match "sqlite" adapter) (setf adapter "sqlite"))
(eval (list (intern (concat "sql-" adapter))))
(rename-buffer (sql-name environment)) (rinari-merb-launch))))))
(defun rinari-merb-merb (&optional name args edit-cmd-args)
"Run merb. Dump output to a compilation buffer
allowing jumping between errors and source code. With optional
prefix argument allows editing of the server command arguments."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((default-directory (rinari-merb-root))
(name (if name name "server"))
(args (if args args ""))
(args (if edit-cmd-args
(read-from-minibuffer "Edit Merb Command: " args)
(pop-to-buffer (ruby-compilation-do
name (cons "merb"
(ruby-args-to-list args))))
(defun rinari-merb-insert-erb-skeleton (no-equals)
"Insert an erb skeleton at point, with optional prefix argument
don't include an '='."
(interactive "P")
(insert "<%") (unless no-equals (insert "=")) (insert " %>")
(backward-char 3))
(defun rinari-merb-extract-partial (begin end partial-name)
(interactive "r\nsName your partial: ")
(let* ((path (buffer-file-name)) ending)
(if (string-match "view" path)
(let ((ending (and (string-match ".+?\\(\\..*\\)" path)
(match-string 1 path)))
(replace-regexp-in-string "[[:space:]]+" "_" partial-name)))
(kill-region begin end)
(if (string-match "\\(.+\\)/\\(.+\\)" partial-name)
(let ((default-directory (expand-file-name (match-string 1 partial-name)
(expand-file-name ".."))))
(find-file (concat "_" (match-string 2 partial-name) ending)))
(find-file (concat "_" partial-name ending)))
(yank) (pop-to-buffer nil)
(insert (concat "<%= render :partial => '" partial-name "' %>\n")))
(message "not in a view"))))
(defvar rinari-merb-rgrep-file-endings
"Ending of files to search for matches using `rinari-merb-rgrep'")
(defun rinari-merb-rgrep (&optional arg)
"Search through the rails project for a string or `regexp'.
With optional prefix argument just run `rgrep'."
(interactive "P")
(if arg (call-interactively 'rgrep)
(let ((word (thing-at-point 'word)))
(funcall 'rgrep (read-from-minibuffer "search for: " word)
rinari-merb-rgrep-file-endings (rinari-merb-root)))))
;; rinari-merb movement using jump.el
(defun rinari-merb-generate (type name)
(message (shell-command-to-string
(format "ruby %sscript/generate %s %s" (rinari-merb-root) type
(read-from-minibuffer (format "create %s: " type) name)))))
(defvar rinari-merb-ruby-hash-regexp
"Regexp to match subsequent key => value pairs of a ruby hash.")
(defun rinari-merb-ruby-values-from-render (controller action)
"Adjusts CONTROLLER and ACTION acording to keyword arguments in
the hash at `point', then return (CONTROLLER . ACTION)"
(let ((end (save-excursion
(re-search-forward "[^,{(]$" nil t)
(+ 1 (point)))))
(while (and (< (point) end)
(re-search-forward rinari-merb-ruby-hash-regexp end t))
(if (> (length (match-string 3)) 1)
(case (intern (match-string 1))
(:partial (setf action (concat "_" (match-string 3))))
(:action (setf action (match-string 3)))
(:controller (setf controller (match-string 3)))))))
(cons controller action)))
(defun rinari-merb-which-render (renders)
(let ((path (jump-completing-read
"Follow: "
(mapcar (lambda (lis)
(concat (car lis) "/" (cdr lis)))
(string-match "\\(.*\\)/\\(.*\\)" path)
(cons (match-string 1 path) (match-string 2 path))))
(defun rinari-merb-follow-controller-and-action (controller action)
"Follow the current controller-and-action through all of the
renders and redirects to find the final controller or view."
(save-excursion ;; if we can find the controller#action pair
(if (and (jump-to-path (format "app/controllers/%s_controller.rb#%s" controller action))
(equalp (jump-method) action))
(let ((start (point)) ;; demarcate the borders
(renders (list (cons controller action))) render view)
;; collect redirection options and pursue
(while (re-search-backward "re\\(?:direct_to\\|nder\\)" start t)
(add-to-list 'renders (rinari-merb-ruby-values-from-render controller action)))
(let ((render (if (equalp 1 (length renders))
(car renders)
(rinari-merb-which-render renders))))
(if (and (equalp (cdr render) action)
(equalp (car render) controller))
(list controller action) ;; directed to here so return
(rinari-merb-follow-controller-and-action (or (car render)
(or (cdr render)
;; no controller entry so return
(list controller action))))
(("app/controllers/\\1.rb#\\2" . "app/models/\\1.rb#\\2")
("app/views/\\1/.*" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb". "app/models/\\1.rb")
("spec/views/\\1/.*" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("spec/fixtures/\\1.yml" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2" . "app/models/\\1.rb#\\2")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
("test/fixtures/\\1.yml" . "app/models/\\1.rb")
(t . "app/models/"))
(lambda (path)
(rinari-merb-generate "model"
(and (string-match ".*/\\(.+?\\)\.rb" path)
(match-string 1 path)))))
(("app/models/\\1.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("app/views/\\1/\\2\\..*" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb#\\2")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("spec/views/\\1/\\2\\.*_spec.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb#\\2")
("spec/fixtures/\\1.yml" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("test/functional/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb#\\2")
("test/functional/\\1_test.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb#\\2")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
("test/fixtures/\\1.yml" . "app/controllers/\\1.rb")
(t . "app/controllers/"))
(lambda (path)
(rinari-merb-generate "controller"
(and (string-match ".*/\\(.+?\\)_controller\.rb" path)
(match-string 1 path)))))
(("app/models/\\1.rb" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
((lambda () ;; find the controller/view
(let* ((raw-file (and (buffer-file-name)
(file-name-nondirectory (buffer-file-name))))
(file (and raw-file
(string-match "^\\(.*\\)_controller.rb" raw-file)
(match-string 1 raw-file))) ;; controller
(raw-method (ruby-add-log-current-method))
(method (and file raw-method ;; action
(string-match "#\\(.*\\)" raw-method)
(match-string 1 raw-method))))
(if (and file method) (rinari-merb-follow-controller-and-action file method))))
. "app/views/\\1/\\2.*")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
("spec/views/\\1/\\2_spec.rb" . "app/views/\\1/\\2.*")
("spec/fixtures/\\1.yml" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2" . "app/views/\\1/_?\\2.*")
("test/fixtures/\\1.yml" . "app/views/\\1/.*")
(t . "app/views/.*"))
(("app/models/\\1.rb#\\2" . "test/unit/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2")
("app/controllers/\\1.rb#\\2" . "test/functional/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2")
("app/views/\\1/_?\\2\\..*" . "test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb#test_\\2")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "test/unit/\\1_test.rb")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "test/unit/\\1_test.rb")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb")
(t . "test/.*"))
(("app/models/\\1.rb" . "spec/models/\\1_spec.rb")
("app/controllers/\\1.rb" . "spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb")
("app/views/\\1\\..*" . "spec/views/\\1_spec.rb")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "spec/models/\\1_spec.rb")
("spec/views/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/views/\\1")
("spec/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/\\1.rb")
(t . "spec/.*"))
(("app/models/\\1.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("app/controllers/\\1.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("app/views/\\1/.*" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb". "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("spec/views/\\1/.*" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "test/fixtures/\\1.yml")
(t . "test/fixtures/"))
(("app/models/\\1.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("app/controllers/\\1.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("app/views/\\1/.*" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb". "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("spec/views/\\1/.*" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "spec/fixtures/\\1.yml")
(t . "spec/fixtures/"))
(("app/models/\\1.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("app/controllers/\\1.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("app/views/\\1/.*" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("spec/views/\\1/.*" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb#\\2")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb")
(t . "app/helpers/"))
(("app/controllers/\\1.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("app/views/\\1/.*" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("app/helpers/\\1_helper.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("app/models/\\1.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("spec/models/\\1_spec.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("spec/controllers/\\1_spec.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("spec/views/\\1/.*" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("test/functional/\\1_controller_test.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb#test_\\2" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb#\\2")
("test/unit/\\1_test.rb" . "schema/migrations/.*_\\1_migration.rb")
(t . "schema/migrations/"))
(lambda (path)
(rinari-merb-generate "migration"
(and (string-match ".*create_\\(.+?\\)\.rb" path)
(match-string 1 path)))))
(environment "e" ((t . "config/environments/")) nil)
(configuration "n" ((t . "config/")) nil)
(script "s" ((t . "script/")) nil)
(lib "l" ((t . "lib/")) nil)
(log "o" ((t . "log/")) nil)
(worker "w" ((t . "lib/workers/")) nil)
(public "p" ((t . "public/")) nil)
(stylesheet "y" ((t . "public/stylesheets/.*")) nil)
(javascript "j" ((t . "public/javascripts/.*")) nil)
(plugin "l" ((t . "vendor/plugins/")) nil)
(file-in-project "f" ((t . ".*")) nil)))
(lambda (type)
(let ((name (first type))
(specs (third type))
(make (fourth type)))
(eval `(defjump
(quote ,(read (format "rinari-merb-find-%S" name)))
(quote ,specs)
,(format "Go to the most logical %S given the current location" name)
,(if make `(quote ,make))
;; minor mode and keymaps
(defvar rinari-merb-minor-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
"Key map for Rinari-Merb minor mode.")
(defun rinari-merb-bind-key-to-func (key func)
(eval `(define-key rinari-merb-minor-mode-map
,(format "\C-c;%s" key) ,func))
(eval `(define-key rinari-merb-minor-mode-map
,(format "\C-c'%s" key) ,func)))
(defvar rinari-merb-minor-mode-keybindings
'(("s" . 'rinari-merb-script) ("q" . 'rinari-merb-sql)
("e" . 'rinari-merb-insert-erb-skeleton) ("t" . 'rinari-merb-test)
("r" . 'rinari-merb-rake) ("c" . 'rinari-merb-console)
("m" . 'rinari-merb-merb) ("g" . 'rinari-merb-rgrep)
("w" . 'rinari-merb-merb) ("x" . 'rinari-merb-extract-partial))
"alist mapping of keys to functions in `rinari-merb-minor-mode'")
(mapcar (lambda (el) (rinari-merb-bind-key-to-func (car el) (cdr el)))
(append (mapcar (lambda (el)
(cons (concat "f" (second el))
(read (format "'rinari-merb-find-%S" (first el)))))
(defun rinari-merb-launch ()
"Run `rinari-merb-minor-mode' if inside of a rails projecct,
otherwise turn `rinari-merb-minor-mode' off if it is on."
(let* ((root (rinari-merb-root)) (r-tags-path (concat root rinari-merb-tags-file-name)))
(if root (progn
(set (make-local-variable 'tags-file-name)
(and (file-exists-p r-tags-path) r-tags-path))
(run-hooks 'rinari-merb-minor-mode-hook)
(rinari-merb-minor-mode t))
(if rinari-merb-minor-mode (rinari-merb-minor-mode)))))
(defvar rinari-merb-major-modes
'('find-file-hook 'mumamo-after-change-major-mode-hook 'dired-mode-hook)
"Major Modes from which to launch Rinari-Merb.")
(mapcar (lambda (hook)
(eval `(add-hook ,hook
(lambda () (rinari-merb-launch)))))
(defadvice cd (after rinari-merb-on-cd activate)
"Active/Deactive rinari-merb-minor-node when changing into and out
of raills project directories."
(define-minor-mode rinari-merb-minor-mode
"Enable Rinari-Merb minor mode providing Emacs support for working
with the Ruby on Rails framework."
" Rinari-Merb"
(provide 'rinari-merb)
;;; rinari-merb.el ends here