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puremvc-js-seed — the seed for puremvc apps

version 0.1
This project is made for testing purpose and to be considered as skeleton for a typical puremvc js apps.
This version is compatible with HTML/DOM projects, but considering works well with canvas too.

This seed app contains puremvc.js 1.0 and test library for unit testing - jasmine-1.3.1. You can download project as
zip file or pull from github project hosting

This seed app is based on text-reserve examples, but trying to minimize all necessary stuff for starting up

How to use
Download the zip file or pull from app repository

Running the application
You can deploy the app-seed folder to your webserver. For testing or developing purpose, nodejs is best recommendation

Running unit test
The project contains some test-cases, but you can write your own ones. SpecRunner.html is html host file for unit test