Social experiment looking at where users click on a 8by8 grid
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Heat Map Social Experiment

I was on the bus, bored out of my mind, and wondered: If someone was presented with an 8 by 8 grid (no center), what tile would they choose?

I was in class bored another day and was sick of python so I decided to tackle a small backend web project with mySQL and PHP.

Behold: the heat map social Experiment

Privacy Policy

We only collect your ip address to avoid spam an the tile you clicked.

Updated Jan 1st, 2019: In the past the software collected fingerprints, but this functionality has been removed. All fingerprints & associated data have been destroyed.


I like to believe the software is basically complete, but if you find bugs, mistakes, security issues, or grammir/spilling errors, don't hesitate to fork the repo.

Made with <3 Josh