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The project is split into a few sections. template is the codebase/template for each site. Both and pull from this folder. Each site using the template/codebase must include a config.php file. The site is currently set up as follows:

  • ($url)
    • index.php
    • config.php
  • ($static_url)
    • fonts (fonts)
      • [font].css
    • brand (logos)
      • icon-[theme].svg
      • logo-[theme].svg
    • lib
      • jquery.js
      • fontawesome.css
    • template
      • style.css
      • head.php
      • ...
    • api
      • select.php (requests from the database)


Each site needs a config.php in it's main directory as follows:

  // home url of the page.
  $url = "";

  // version of the template to use
  $version = "v1";

  // url to the template
  $template_uri = "/var/www/{$version}/";

  // theme, light or dark
  $theme = "light";

  // color (blue,green,purple)
  $color = "blue";

  // logo
  $logo = "logo-labs"; //or "logo" for home

Then each file afterward must include this file. A barebones index.php is shown below:

<?php include "config.php"; ?>

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <title>Page Title</title>
    <?php include $template_uri . "head.php"; ?>
    <!-- by not including the <head> tag in "head.php", we allow each page to have custom meta tags -->

    <?php include $template_uri . "header.php"; ?>

      All content is in separate section elements.

    <?php include $template_uri . "footer.php"; ?>


Custom css

Custom css must be added manually to each page. The color pallet set by $color is defined in color-[$color].css.


The template css formats a few nice elements for use in each page:

  • basic semantic elements (li, ol, ul, a, h2-h6, p)
  • section.hero (icon/text home thing)
    • svg
    • "text"
  • section.main (basic content)
  • section.colored (basic content with a background set to the primary color)
  • section.centered (guess)
  • section.spaced (extra margin)
  • section.split (two button columns)
    • div.left
    • div.right
    • div.clear (cause css)
  • (column in the center)
  • project
    • div.icon
      • i (fa)
    • h5
    • p
    • div.tags
      • i(s) (fa)
  • product
    • div.icon
      • i (fa)
    • p
    • chevron
      • i (fa)


The template is made up a few parts:

  • the css :: The css of the project
  • the js :: The js of the project
  • the template files
    • footer.php :: The footer at the bottom of each page (optional)
    • header.php :: The header at the top of each page (optional) This pulls the logo based on $url defined in config.php
    • head.php :: Required to be included in html's <head> tag. This includes the css, js, and basic libraries. Uses $version and $color defined in config.php.