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1) Powershell
2) NAnt
3) Mono: XBuild via Bash
==== Powershell ====
dotless uses PSake by James Kovacs to compile.
PSake is a powershell based build tool and is packed with the source (psake.ps1).
To build simply execute psake.ps1.
Possible build targets:
* Clean = Removes all build artefacts
* Build = Builds the main dotless library
* Test = Builds testproject and runs Unit tests using NUnit
* Merge = Merges PegBase assembly into dotless release assembly
* Release = (Default) Executes Build, Test, Merge and creates a release zip.
To run another build targert simply run:
PS> .\psake .\default.ps1 <target>
You may need to execute the following command before being able to execute the script:
Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned
(Make sure you run this as administrator and inside PowerShell)
If you get an error about git-describe or similar, exit Powershell, add the path to your Git binaries to
the PATH env variable, then open up Powershell again.
==== NAnt ====
dotless also provides a NAnt build script for those who don't have powershell installed.
Please ensure that the lastet version of NAnt and NAntContrib are installed and included in the path.
To build simply execute nant.
The NAnt script contains the same possible build targets as above.
To run another build targert simply run:
nant <target>
==== Mono: XBuild via Bash ====
This is a build for Mono platform based on Linux environments. Requires Bash/XBuild.
Move into monobuild directory, then execute Make-Dotless script. Script takes two arguments.
First is build target, second is configuration. Currently, ownly 3 targets are implemented.
./ build debug
Builds dotless compiler in debug configuration.
Currently supported targets:
clean > Cleans output directories for fresh builds.
init > clean +> Generates AssemblyInfo.cs files with git version info.
build > init +> Compiles dotless.Compiler executable into output directory.
Per default, all build artefacts are dropped into "bin" directory. Building for Mono on
*nix environments is experimental. While it should operate as intended, it lacks
completeness. Use at your own risk.