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I am running dotless.Compiler.exe from the command line on 64-bit Windows 7, but it doesn't appear to have any effect:

> Tools\dotless-v1.3.0.3\dotless.Compiler.exe -m WebApp\Content\css\mi.less WebApp\Content\css\mi.css

This doesn't return anything in CMD, and it doesn't produce any .css. I also notice that if I just type garbage on the command line it also doesn't give me an error message:

> Tools\dotless-v1.3.0.3\dotless.Compiler.exe oeijfowiejfewofijewof

I can, however, get it to print help, and a list of plugins. Is there something I'm missing to get this set up? Thanks!

Sorry, I now see the typo in my command. Once that was fixed it worked perfectly.

Having the error displayed would be useful, though.


lukeapage commented May 12, 2012

so the problem is that if the file doesn't exist dotless continues without an error?

yes, that appears to be the case.


lukeapage commented May 20, 2012

This should be fixed by my most recent commit, but I forgot to mark it.

The compiler will now warn if not watching and no files are found matching the input.

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