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 Fabric System Wrapper

 Initializer ready for these commands:

 _init_all <WORK_DIR>
       Meta function the bootstraps everything from 0 to a full running
       Fabric system using 5.6.17 and 2 groups. Your system should be able
       create MySQL sandboxes properly with 'make_sandbox 5.6.17' command
 _teardown [<WORK_DIR>]
       Teardown the whole Fabric system, WORK_DIR is optional if you are
       operating inside a Fabric environment via _workon
 _workon <WORK_DIR>
       Setup the environment for this Fabric cluster within WORK_DIR
 _init_utils [<WORK_DIR>]
       Setup MySQL Utilities inside WORK_DIR
       Setup the MySQL nodes that will consist of Fabric groups and storage.
       This function uses MySQL Sandbox and accepts the MySQL version within
       you $SANDBOX_BINARY directory
 _init_fabric [<WORK_DIR>]
       Setup and start the Fabric system then create and add the HA groups
       from _init_mysql
       Exits the current Fabric environment which you have entered with '_workon'


 1. You must have a working MySQL Sandbox installation
 2. Only tested on CentOS Linux so far :-), obviously your need the same, though it should work on Debian based OSes too.

 How to bootstrap a fabric system manually:

 # Assuming you want to install the system to /work/mysql/fabric
 mkdir -p /work/mysql/fabric
 _workon /work/mysql/fabric
 _init_mysql /work/mysql/fabric <MYSQL_SANDBOX_VERSION> <NO_OF_GROUPS>
 # You should be able to execute 'mysqlfabric group lookup_groups' here and list the number of groups you created

 # Type _eod to exit the environment
 # Type _teardown to destroy the whole fabric system
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