Add config option to automatically call preventDefault() on the onclick event #13

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It would save a lot of code if when binding a tap event on an element, you could add a config variable to automatically call preventDefault() whenever this element receives an click event.

I would say it is a pretty common use case of this library to replace the click event with the tap event so it will work equally well on touch and non-touch devices. It is also often the case that you are binding this event to e.g. an <a> element, which tends to require a preventDefault(). Obviously it's not always the case, hence why I'm suggesting it as an option. But I think this is a good alternative to having to bind an extra event handler on every element just to call preventDefault().


var a = $('body a').Touchable({preventClick: true});
a.on('tap', function (e) {

This stops us from having to repeatedly write:

a.on('click', function (e) {
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