Python based script to search your account for unused numbers and release them.
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Unused number hunter is Pyton based script to help you release (and save some $$$'s) on unused numbers that may be sitting in your Twilio account.

If you are in the habbit of buying Twlio numbers, using them for a project and then not relasing them this script will be the tool for you.

How to use:

  • Download the python script to a directory
  • Ensure you have the Twilio Python helper library installed, you can find this at:
  • Edit the Accountsid, Authkey and number of call records you want to examine, saving the script.
  • Run: python /directory/

What will happen:

  • NumberHunter will grab all the phone numbers from your Twilio account, storing the numbers in a txt file called: TwilioNumbersInAccount.txt
  • NumberHunter will grab a copy of the call records up to the number (default is 100) you want to examine. (Saved in TwilioCallLog.txt)
  • NumberHunter will compare numbers in your call log against your Twilio numbers
  • NumberHunter will save a copy of your unused numbers in a file called unusedTwilioNumbers.txt
  • NumberHunter will ask you if you want to release these numbers - If you select Y it WILL REMOVE these numbers from your account immediately.

Happy Hunting!

TL:DR : Python based script to search your account for unused numbers and release them.