AWS Polly Text to Speech engine for use with Twilio & TwiML
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Node AWS Polly Text to Speech API and Generator

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Node AWS Polly text to speech is an API engine where you can send the desired voice and text in and get a MP3 file out. AWS Polly voices are:

Language Female Male
Australian English Nicole Russell
Brazilian Portuguese Vitória Ricardo
Canadian French Chantal
Danish Naja Mads
Dutch Lotte Ruben
French Céline Mathieu
German Marlene Hans
Icelandic Dóra Karl
Indian English Raveena
Italian Carla Giorgio
Japanese Mizuki
Norwegian Liv
Polish Ewa Jacek
Polish Maja Jan
Portuguese - Iberic Inês Cristiano
Romanian Carmen
Russian Tatyana Maxim
Spanish - Castilian Conchita Enrique
Swedish Astrid
Turkish Filiz
UK English Amy Brian
UK English Emma
US English Joanna Joey
US English Salli Justin
US English Kendra
US English Kimberly
US English Ivy
US Spanish Penélope Miguel
Welsh Gwyneth
Welsh English Geraint

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