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  1. dotmesh dotmesh Public

    dotmesh (dm) is like git for your data volumes (databases, files etc) in Docker and Kubernetes

    Go 539 29

  2. jupyterlab-plugin jupyterlab-plugin Public

    JupyterLab plugin for provenance & reproducibility in data science

    TypeScript 9 1

  3. dotscience-python dotscience-python Public

    Python library for Dotscience workloads

    Python 7 2

  4. python-sdk python-sdk Public

    dotmesh python sdk

    Python 6 1

  5. jupyterlab-tensorflow jupyterlab-tensorflow Public

    jupyterlab with tensorflow and the dotmesh jupyterlab extension

    Shell 5 1

  6. brand-design brand-design Public

    A place to keep brand assets and track design requests, to-dos and issues.

    4 3


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