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Releases: dotmesh-io/dotmesh


28 Apr 15:10
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Fix small bug to pass the server config down into the in-memory state


28 Apr 11:20
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  • Ability to disable filesystem polling for new data DISABLE_DIRTY_POLLING=true

Release 0.7.4

25 Apr 10:29
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  • Stop zfs get values returning - causing goroutine crashes.

Release 0.7.3

26 Mar 12:32
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Fix bug with checking dotmesh ports

Release 0.7.2

25 Mar 18:17
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Fix hardcoded domain list for knowing if we are connecting via TLS or not

Release 0.7.2

25 Mar 18:20
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Fix hardcoded domain list for knowing if we are connecting via TLS or not

Release 0.7.1

23 Jan 16:21
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Fix for race condition in pulls.

Release 0.7.0

10 Dec 19:02
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This release fixes a number of security issues, as well as many other improvements.

Dotmesh release-0.6.1

10 Aug 15:35
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Significant changes that went into this release:

  • dotmesh#461 - Object storage integration (set of object versions) - Implemented S3 integration with dotmesh

  • dotmesh#463 - Support CVv2 mode in dotmesh with sentinels to stabilise pod lifecycles

  • dotmesh#337 - Faster dm list using a new API call, DotmeshRPC.ListWithContainers

  • dotmesh#465 - Make the operator log the logs of failed server pods

  • dotmesh#466 - After restarting dotmesh-server-inner, all dots go into "failed, never coming back"

  • dotmesh#463 - Remove ownerref on pods so they can be controlled by the dotmesh operator

  • dotmesh#474 - Remove collaborator rpc endpoint

  • dotmesh#475 - Add UserFromName RPC method

  • dotmesh#476 - Add UpdateUserPassword RPC method

  • dotmesh#481 - Add UpdateUserEmail RPC endpoint

  • dotmesh#482 - Add AuthenticatedUser RPC endpoint

  • dotmesh#420 - Fix, after a dm cluster reset, volumes lose their zfs-ness

  • dotmesh#478 - Add a global --verbose option that displays the JSONRPC requests and responses

  • dotmesh#479 - Allow JSON string as params passed into dm debug

  • dotmesh#490 - Newly handed out docker volume mounts can refer to deleted dots

  • dotmesh#489 - List-like RPCs should refer to the registry rather than local fsMachine state

  • dotmesh#495 - Dot name restrictions mean we can't clean up randomly generated docker volumes

  • dotmesh#497 - Refactor, split up statemachines, types, etc. into multiple files

  • dotmesh#460 - Don't show replication status errors if non-admin user.

  • dotmesh#493 - Recast retry loop to keep going until it finds definite evidence of success or failure.

  • dotmesh#467 - Bazel for build

  • dotmesh#496 - Use Gitlab registry

  • dotmesh#440 - Support ZFS 0.7 (in particular, this fixes dotmesh on Ubuntu 18.04)

  • dotmesh#528 - Fix: pool names can be stupidly long

  • dotmesh#532 - ZFS detection logic makes fragile assumptions

  • dotmesh#534 - Fix ZFS errors in pushes

  • Tidied up source files, directories did various bits of refactoring.

  • Numerous stability fixes for acceptance tests for dotmesh on kubernetes using dind clusters; added cleanup strategies for test runs for CI and local runs, made tests crash faster, fixed networking flakes in tests and many more.

  • Stability fixes for production usage with kubernetes, with explicit mount points for dots stored in ZFS.

Install instructions:

Dotmesh release-0.5.4

22 Jun 13:42
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  • dotmesh#428 - Support specifying custom dotmesh ports to connect to in dotmesh-server and client.
  • dotmesh#449 - Fixed Production failure: Dotmesh server pods ending up in Completed state
  • dotmesh#450 - Handle unrecoverable errors with a 'failedState'
  • dotmesh#457 - Fixed dm client adds in the namespace twice on requests to the remote
  • dotmesh#401 - Implemented support for PVPerNodeMode on dotmesh (feature currently in beta, being tested)
  • dotmesh#462 - Update progress bar with total size when we get it from the TransferPoll request
  • dotmesh#422 - Fixed various goroutine leaks in dotmesh
  • dotmesh#455 run a samba container inside vagrant for easy Mac based code editing
  • FIX: At least we can stop reporting stale data in 'dm dot show' and the web UI and such.

Install instructions: