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ASP.NET Core Workshop

This workshop covers various concepts of ASP.NET Core:

Lab Description Prerequisites
.NET Core SDK Convert a .NET Core Console Application into a ASP.NET Core Web Application.
MVC Applications Create an .NET Core MVC App and explore routing.
Startup, Hosting, and Middleware Explore the different configuration options available for a ASP.NET Core application.
Dependency Injections and Unit Testing Use Dependency Injection (DI) to register and resolve application services.
Building Middleware Create a middleware pipline to set the current culture of a ASP.NET Core App. MVC Applications (optional)
Logging and Diagnostics Create logs, then filter them. Explore diagnostics middleware. MVC Applications
Razor Tag Helpers Create a custom Tag Helper.
Single Page Applications (SPA) Experiment with hot module reloading with an ASP.NET Core Angular App ..
Building a Single Page Application with Angular Using what you've learned so far, build a simple application for managing a list of course attendees. All prior labs.
APIs with MVC Core Build a simple API with MVC Core.
Hosting & Deployment Deploy your ASP.NET Core App to Azure. APIs with MVC Core

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This ASP.NET Core workshop is broken down by topics: middleware, front-end, etc. For an app focused workshop, see







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