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WebSharper - .NET functional, reactive web development

Robust, full-stack, client-server/single-page/HTML applications in C# and F#.

Popular repositories

  1. core Public

    WebSharper - Full-stack, functional, reactive web apps and microservices in F# and C#

    F# 455 51

  2. ui Public

    A reactive UI library for WebSharper.

    F# 73 22

  3. TypeScript layer for PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) version 3.4.0 and all core plugins

    TypeScript 25 3

  4. WebSharper add-in for MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio

    F# 22 1

  5. mvu Public

    Model-View-Update architecture for WebSharper client-side applications.

    F# 21 3

  6. warp Public

    WebSharper Warp is a friction-less web development library for building scripted and standalone full-stack F# client-server applications.

    F# 18 6