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Changing the type of a number fails most of the times #963

teo-tsirpanis opened this Issue Jun 16, 2018 · 1 comment


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teo-tsirpanis commented Jun 16, 2018

If one tries to convert a number to another type, Websharper fails with an error like this one:

WebSharper error FS9001: Method name not found in JavaScript compilation: (ToByte<_> : 'T0 -> System.Byte), Members: op_Dereference, op_Modulus, op_BitwiseAnd, op_Multiply, op_Exponentiation, PowInteger, op_Addition, op_Subtraction, op_Division, op_ColonEquals, op_LeftShift, op_Equality, op_Inequality, op_LessThan, op_GreaterThan, op_LessThanOrEqual, op_GreaterThanOrEqual, op_RightShift, op_Concatenate, op_ExclusiveOr, op_BitwiseOr, op_UnaryPlus, op_UnaryNegation, op_LogicalNot, Abs, Acos, Asin, Atan, Atan2, Box, Ceiling, ToChar, Cos, Cosh, Decrement, Enum, ToDecimal, ToDouble, Exp, ToFloat, Floor, Fst, Identity, Ignore, Increment, Infinity, ToInt, ToSingle, ToInt32, ToEnum, ToInt64, Log, Log10, InfinitySingle, NaNSingle, NaN, Not, Raise, Ref, Round, CreateSequence, Sin, Sinh, Snd, Sqrt, ToString, Tan, Tanh, Unbox, IsNull, Hash, op_PipeRight, Compare, DefaultArg, Min, op_ComposeLeft, op_PipeLeft, op_PipeLeft2, op_PipeLeft3, op_ComposeRight, op_Append, op_PipeRight2, op_PipeRight3, get_Infinity, Max, get_InfinitySingle, get_NaNSingle, get_NaN, Using, op_Range, op_RangeStep, KeyValuePattern, Truncate, Sign, Pown, InvalidArg, InvalidOp, FailWith [C:\code\wsBug\wsBug.fsproj]

Code sample:

namespace Issue963

open WebSharper

type Class1() = 
    member __.Int8 = 45 |> int8
    member __.UInt8 = 133 |> byte
    member __.Int16 = 196 |> uint16
    member __.UInt16 = 198 |> uint32
    member __.Int32 = 241u |> int // no error here
    member __.UInt32 = 478 |> uint32
    member __.Int64 = 488 |> int64 // no error here
    member __.UInt64 = 497 |> uint64
    member __.Single = 617 |> single
    member __.Double = 647 |> double // no error here
    member __.Decimal = 801 |> decimal // it fails, but because decimals are not supported

Looks like that there is no complete support for all number types.


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Jand42 commented Jun 18, 2018


These errors are from missing proxies (JS implementations) for F# helper functions in the Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators module. They indeed could be added. For quick a workaround, you can add one yourselves:

[<Proxy "Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators, FSharp.Core">]
module internal OperatorsProxy =
   let ToByte (x: 'T) = X<byte>

Actually there is support for all standard numeric types with some caveats.

  • Decimal, Complex and BigInteger need the WebSharper.MathJS package installed (as they will use math.js for correct precision and arithmetic). Decimal has full conversion support, the other two is lacking yet.
  • Integral types are enforced to have integral values on conversions and operations. For example int 4.3 becomes 4 as expected and 10 / 3 is 3.
  • There are no overflow checks on either conversions or operations.

Proposal: adding overflow checks to every small type on conversions but not on arithmetic could be a good tradeoff, not littering translated code unnecessary with checks but giving the expected results when using conversions to smaller types explicitly.

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