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This is a bugfix release for WebSharper 4.2. See the associated WebSharper.UI release.

Templates for .NET Core SDK: dotnet new -i WebSharper.Templates::

Templates for Visual Studio 2017: http://websharper.com/installers/WebSharper.


  • #945 WebSharper's build tools accept non-numeric nowarn arguments. This fixes compatibility with Visual Studio 15.7 and associated C#/F# build tools.
  • #947 Resources using BaseResource and an URL starting with // are correctly downloaded during build when UseDownloadedResources is on.
  • #946 Union cases with a Wildcard attribute used for inferred routing has improved behavior: if another case can be fully matched, then that takes precedence over the Wildcard one.
  • #948 An erased union where one type argument is a union with a possible null value (either using WebSharper's [<Constant "null">] attribute or [<CompilationRepresentation(CompilationRepresentationFlags.UseNullAsTrueValue)>]) is now translating case checks with the proper null check included.
  • #944 when translating a check against an interface type, an "object" type check is also added to prevent runtime errors.