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Improvements and new features

  • #599: Improve error on an invalid annotation for an abstract method.
  • #601: JS output improvements: local named functions are defined by function X() {...} instead of var x = function() {...}. 2-case F# match expressions are simplified, as is matching against constants.
  • #600: JS.Inline helper inside WebSharper.JavaScript.Pervasives (auto-open module in F#). Parses a JavaScript expression at compile-time, for example JS.Inline("1 + 2"). You can also add parameters by using $0... for holes: JS.Inline("$0 + $1", 1, 2).
  • #598: RPC functions are now identified by assembly, full name, and a hash of the signature instead of a generated identifier. This means reordering or adding RPC methods are not breaking against previous builds of client-side. Unrecognized incoming RPC request or non-maching signature errors are reported with specific errors.


  • #594: Enabled the use of Json.Serialize outside ASP.NET.
  • Support for translating from F# ReflectedDefinition correctly, accounting for tupling/currying added by the F# compiler.