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Client-side data access for WebSharper
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WebSharper.Data provides proxies for the FSharp.Data project to enable you to write data-rich applications on the client side.

Supported Providers

Currently WebSharper.Data implements the JsonProvider and the WorldBankProvider runtimes meaning these are the ones you can acces from the client-side. After installing the package you should be able to use these types from FSharp.Data, but using other types will result in the WebSharper Compiler's being unable to compile the code.

Additional Notes

Since the World Bank API is only available through JSONP from JavaScript due to cross-origin issues the implementation of the runtime in JavaScript uses JSONP to request data from the API as opposed to FSharp.Data which uses the JSON API. This has no effect on anything from the user's point of view.

Since a lot of providers don't give access to their JSON APIs for JavaScript clients because of cross-origin issues (like mentioned above in the case of the World Bank Database), we sometimes need to use JSONP instead. To get around this you can specify your URL in WebSharper.Data like this:

open FSharp.Data

type WorldBank = JsonProvider<"WorldBank.json">
let docAsync = WorldBankJson.AsyncLoad("jsonp|[JSONP][4]")
  async {
      let! a = docAsync
      for record in a.Array do
          record.Value |> Option.iter (fun v ->
              printfn "%d: %f" record.Date v)
  |> Async.Start

here "jsonp|" means that you want to use JSONP instead JSON.

Due to the nature of JavaScript, Async and the implementation of JsonProviderRuntime you can only use the async versions of the fetching functions. It would be technically possible to request data synchronously with Ajax but it would be undesirable and it's currently impossible to implement in WebSharper because the JsonProvider uses Async.RunSynchronously which cannot be translated to JavaScript.

Special thanks to the FunScript folks for their implementation of the runtimes and showing it's possible (and easy) to do once you have it figured out. Some code and a lot of ideas have been reused from their work.

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