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New features

  • #145 Add Lens function to lens into a Var using .V syntax.

    // is equivalent to:
    myVar.LensAuto(fun x -> x.MyField)
  • #146 Add Var<list<T>>.MapLens and .DocLens, similar in functionality to their ListModel counterpart, although with linear-time complexity.


  • #148 Some quotation forms were missing when exploring for captured arguments inside server-side on.* event handlers, including tuple gets (used by F# implicitly when passing captured a tuple value to a client-side function taking a tuple, resulting in a runtime failure). This is now running correctly:

    let t = 1, 2
    div [] [
        button [ on.click (fun _ _ -> Client.TestTuple t) ] [ text "click me" ] 
  • #150 Same as dotnet-websharper/core#881, server-side event handlers that are containing a single call to a static method now do not use a separate pre-compiled function in generated code.