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There are two recommended options to build BenchmarkDotNet from source:

Visual Studio

Once all the necessary tools are in place, building is trivial. Simply open solution file BenchmarkDotNet.sln that lives at the base of the repository and run Build action.

Cake (C# Make)

Cake (C# Make) is a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL to do things like compiling code, copy files/folders, running unit tests, compress files and build NuGet packages.

The build currently depends on the following prerequisites:

After you have installed these pre-requisites, you can build the BenchmarkDotNet by invoking the build script (build.ps1 on Windows, or on Linux and macOS) at the base of the BenchmarkDotNet repository. By default the build process also run all the tests. There are quite a few tests, taking a significant amount of time that is not necessary if you just want to experiment with changes. You can skip the tests phase by adding the skiptests argument to the build script, e.g. .\build.ps1 --SkipTests=True or ./ --skiptests=true.

Build has a number of options that you use. Some of the more important options are

  • skiptests - do not run the tests. This can shorten build times quite a bit. On Windows: .\build.ps1 --SkipTests=True or ./ --skiptests=true on Linux/macOS.

  • configuration - build the 'Release' or 'Debug' build type. Default value is 'Release'. On Windows: .\build.ps1 -Configuration Debug or ./ --configuration debug on Linux/macOS.

  • target - with this parameter you can run a specific target from build pipeline. Default value is 'Default' target. On Windows: .\build.ps1 -Target Default or ./ --target default on Linux/macOS. Available targets:

    • Default - run all actions one by one.
    • Clean - clean all obj, bin and artifacts directories.
    • Restore - automatically execute Clean action and after that restore all NuGet dependencies.
    • Build - automatically execute Restore action, then run MSBuild for the solution file.
    • FastTests - automatically execute Build action, then run all tests from the BenchmarkDotNet.Tests project.
    • SlowTests - automatically execute Build action, then run all tests from the BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests project.
    • Pack - automatically execute Build action and after that creates local NuGet packages.