A .NET Standard Library for reading and writing RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 syndication feeds
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Microsoft.SyndicationFeed.ReaderWriter provides lightweight forward-only read/write APIs (similar to .NET XmlReader) to simplify operations with RSS 2.0 (spec) and Atom (spec) syndication feeds. It offers extensiblity to support custom feed elements and formatting. The workflow is async on demand, which enables this library to be used on syndication feeds of arbitrary size or stream latency.



  • .NET Standard 1.3


  • The solution will build in Visual Studio 2017 after cloning.

Running Tests:

  • Open the solution in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Build the Tests project.
  • Open the Test Explorer and click "Run All" or run each test individually.


Examples can be found here.

Create an RssReader and Read a Feed

using (var xmlReader = XmlReader.Create(filePath, new XmlReaderSettings() { Async = true }))
    var feedReader = new RssFeedReader(xmlReader);

    while(await feedReader.Read())
        switch (feedReader.ElementType)
            // Read category
            case SyndicationElementType.Category:
                ISyndicationCategory category = await feedReader.ReadCategory();

            // Read Image
            case SyndicationElementType.Image:
                ISyndicationImage image = await feedReader.ReadImage();

            // Read Item
            case SyndicationElementType.Item:
                ISyndicationItem item = await feedReader.ReadItem();

            // Read link
            case SyndicationElementType.Link:
                ISyndicationLink link = await feedReader.ReadLink();

            // Read Person
            case SyndicationElementType.Person:
                ISyndicationPerson person = await feedReader.ReadPerson();

            // Read content
                ISyndicationContent content = await feedReader.ReadContent();

Create an RssWriter and Write an Rss Item

var sw = new StringWriterWithEncoding(Encoding.UTF8);

using (XmlWriter xmlWriter = XmlWriter.Create(sw, new XmlWriterSettings() { Async = true, Indent = true }))
    var writer = new RssFeedWriter(xmlWriter);
    // Create item
    var item = new SyndicationItem()
        Title = "Rss Writer Avaliable",
        Description = "The new Rss Writer is now available as a NuGet Package!",
        Id = "https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.SyndicationFeed.ReaderWriter",
        Published = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow

    item.AddCategory(new SyndicationCategory("Technology"));
    item.AddContributor(new SyndicationPerson("test", "test@mail.com"));

    await writer.Write(item);

class StringWriterWithEncoding : StringWriter
    private readonly Encoding _encoding;

    public StringWriterWithEncoding(Encoding encoding)
        this._encoding = encoding;

    public override Encoding Encoding {
        get { return _encoding; }