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This repo is for team announcements only. To file a bug or start a discussion, please find the appropriate repo in dotnet and create a new issue. For general issue discussions please go to dotnet/core and create a new issue.

All items posted to this repo are locked, but will typically have links to separate discussion threads in the affected repo. Please use those discussion threads for questions and comments about a particular announcement. If you're not sure where to post a question, please log an issue in the dotnet/core repo.


Note: The best practices in how we intend to use this repo are documented in #229.

Since this repository is for announcements only, we do not accept issues or PRs on this repository. Furthermore, we'll usually not close any issues either. We will, however, close issues that have become invalid as we changed our mind and didn't end up implementing or shipping it.

Not closing issues has the following advantages:

  • You can distinguish between what's not true (retracted) and what's just old
  • You can easily search the announcements and filter without having to consider closed issues

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Subscribe to this repo to be notified of Announcements and changes in .NET Core.



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