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Blazor (server) <input value=foo /> doesn't work for checkboxes #18306

Trolldemorted opened this issue Jan 12, 2020 · 5 comments

Blazor (server) <input value=foo /> doesn't work for checkboxes #18306

Trolldemorted opened this issue Jan 12, 2020 · 5 comments


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@Trolldemorted Trolldemorted commented Jan 12, 2020

Describe the bug

I am using @SteveSandersonMS 's workaround shown here, but it doesn't work for checkboxes. Take this snippet:

<input @key="@cat.Id" type="checkbox" value="@cat.IsBlack"
    @onchange=@(eventArgs => { cat.IsBlack= (bool)eventArgs.Value; HandleCatColor(cat); }) />

I assumed that the initial state of the checkbox would match the cat's property, but it is always unchecked, even if cat.IsBlack is true.

To Reproduce

Use the workaround with a checkbox.

Further technical details

PS C:\Users\Benni\repositories\ChallengePad> dotnet --info
.NET Core SDK (gemäß "global.json"):
 Version:   3.1.100
 Commit:    cd82f021f4

 OS Name:     Windows
 OS Version:  10.0.18362
 OS Platform: Windows
 RID:         win10-x64
 Base Path:   C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\3.1.100\

Host (useful for support):
  Version: 3.1.0
  Commit:  65f04fb6db

.NET Core SDKs installed:
  2.1.505 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
  2.1.801 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
  2.2.105 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
  3.0.100-preview9-014004 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
  3.0.100 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]
  3.1.100 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]

.NET Core runtimes installed:
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.All 2.1.9 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.All]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.All 2.1.12 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.All]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.All 2.1.14 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.All]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.All 2.2.3 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.All]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.1.9 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.1.12 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.1.14 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 2.2.3 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 3.0.0-preview9.19424.4 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 3.0.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 3.1.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.1.9 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.1.12 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.1.14 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.2.3 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 3.0.0-preview9-19423-09 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 3.0.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.NETCore.App 3.1.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
  Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App 3.0.0-preview9-19423-09 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App]
  Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App 3.0.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App]
  Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App 3.1.0 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App]

To install additional .NET Core runtimes or SDKs:

VS 2019 16.4.2


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@javiercn javiercn commented Jan 13, 2020

@Trolldemorted thanks for contacting us.

Do you happen to be prerendering?


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@Trolldemorted Trolldemorted commented Jan 13, 2020

It is on by default, right? Then yes.


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@SteveSandersonMS SteveSandersonMS commented Jan 13, 2020

The checked state of a checkbox is controlled by its checked attribute, not by a value attribute. This is an aspect of HTML, not Blazor specifically. So the code you want looks like this:

<input type="checkbox" checked="@cat.IsBlack"
    @onchange=@(eventArgs => { cat.IsBlack= (bool)eventArgs.Value; HandleCatColor(cat); }) />

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@mkArtakMSFT mkArtakMSFT commented Jan 13, 2020

We'll collect feedback similar to this at #18317


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@Trolldemorted Trolldemorted commented Jan 13, 2020

Thanks for the explanation, and I agree #18317 is a good idea - since html's checked cannot be set to false I assumed blazor's could not either!

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