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.NET Core 1.1 Preview 1 Commits

The following list of the commits is included in .NET Core 1.1.0 Preview 1. The list has been edited to remove unimportant commits, such as updates to the build system and the like.

The list was generated using git rev-list --no-merges --abbrev-commit --oneline --until={2016-10-24} origin..HEAD


  • 1bd0ce6 Disable CER code that is causing access violation
  • af2b909 Fix System.Diagnostics.StackTrace version in stack trace helper code (#7383)
  • 854d074 Fix OS X build break with AppleClang 8.0.0 (#7292)
  • 098eb21 Remove CoreCLR's dependency on the diasymreader.dll installed as part of the full .NET Framework on Desktop (#7342)
  • c47367d Fix Unable to step through Visual Studio remote debugger with coreclr executables on Nano Server (#7317)
  • f314216 Fix 8.3 UNC expansion
  • fce679e Fix launch timing issue in dbgshim found in VS. (#7279) (#7281)
  • daa579a Create long-named DAC and SOS DLLs for Windows.
  • 8ed5aa4 Fix arm64 build break in building packages


  • 1bf8191 Fix ValueTask behavior as async return type
  • bd2edb2 Net standard docs (#12244)
  • e7d55c8 Fix parsing of procfs stat files when comm name contains spaces
  • 69ebf34 Make derived types of SymmetricAlgorithm use field assignment in ctors.
  • 68b75e3 Lower peak memory usage in BigInteger tests
  • 8dfccb4 Remove the CreateManyConcurrent test
  • 54cefff Use rooted path for symlink creation in IO tests
  • 0c03bce Revert "Build Linq.Expression tests against live Regex"
  • bf82f1f Clean up SNI project
  • 386cb95 Add baseline for native Crypto packages
  • 5b0a604 Fix file-clashes in test archiving
  • 796b985 Override ArchiveTestBuild from buildtools
  • 50a474b OpenSSL does not need to rebuild for Windows
  • 179607b Redistribute reference dlls
  • 514433f XPath.XmlDocument should target desktop
  • 740d508 Handle network interfaces which report their speed as '-1'.
  • 4af853d Disable test on *Nix
  • 194f728 Make async continuations run on different thread to avoid deadlock
  • 58f1109 Fix UNC path normalization
  • f635540 Fix WinHttpHandler when connecting thru authenticating proxy
  • d5377b4 Use CommonCrypto CSPRNG for GetTempFileName on macOS
  • 8a99fac Fix WinHttpHandler to deal with nonstandard HTTP auth responses
  • 4f192af Build Linq.Expression tests against live Regex
  • b01a16f Avoid unnecessary clearing in CopyToAsync
  • 3fe9860 Support text.Mapping being SpecialMapping when using ReflectionBased Serializer (#11752)
  • 333a0c1 Use exact versions of 1.0.0 RTM runtimes from TFS. (#11814)
  • c35abaa Make SqlClient support win10-arm64 using master runtime package.
  • babf9b0 Fix leak of WinHttpRequestState objects during HTTP resends
  • 61c1dd5 Use ArrayPool in CopyToAsync in several System.IO streams
  • 9f4a7a8 Add tests for FileStream.CopyToAsync
  • c830dc2 Use ArrayPool in FileStream.CopyToAsync
  • 5de6cce Optimize overlapped I/O FileStream.CopyToAsync implementation on Windows
  • 761702d Downgrade projectk-tfs package to release/1.0.0 (#11562)
  • 7c2b65a Rename AsyncBuilderAttribute to AsyncMethodBuilderAttribute
  • 3813e7f Make AsyncBuilderAttribute public


  • 12d12f9 Applying @brthor perf improvement to GetTypeBuildExclusionList.
  • 2a8d874 Setting System.Text.Encoding.CodePages to 4.0.1, since that's the version in the shared framework.
  • 19ae7b9 Fix the projects versions to be preview2-1.
  • 914a095 Add ubuntu.16.10 and opensuse42.1 to netci.groovy (#4335)
  • 10cacd1 [rel/1.0.0-preview2.1] Add support for building and testing on new RIDs (#4329)


  • 44466e6 Original commit messages in master were: Fix UpnEndpointIdentity on UWP
  • 164c682 Add WCF channel keywords to ETW events
  • 65ba96e Port to release/1.1.0 fix to issue #1544
  • beb4644 Fix typo in netci.groovy to correct outerloop servers
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