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JIT: optimize Enum.HasFlag (#13748)

Check for calls to `Enum.HasFlag` using the new named intrinsic support
introduced in #13815. Implement a simple recognizer for these named
intrinsics (currently just recognizing `Enum.HasFlag`).

When the call is recognized, optimize if both operands are boxes with
compatible types and both boxes can be removed. The optimization changes the
call to a simple and/compare tree on the underlying enum values.

To accomplish this, generalize the behavior of `gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects`
to add a "trial removal" mode and to optionally suppress narrowing of the
copy source.

Invoke the optimization during importation (which will catch most cases) and
again during morph (to get the post-inline cases).

Added test cases. Suprisingly there were almost no uses of HasFlag in the
current CoreCLR test suite.

Closes #5626.
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AndyAyersMS committed Sep 11, 2017
1 parent 354211f commit e764b4dd021a38ba4c55a806069c4856e56e3f45
#include "valuenum.h"
#include "reglist.h"
#include "jittelemetry.h"
#include "namedintrinsiclist.h"
#include "disasm.h"
@@ -2237,7 +2238,17 @@ class Compiler
gtFoldExprConst(GenTreePtr tree);
GenTreePtr gtFoldExprSpecial(GenTreePtr tree);
GenTreePtr gtFoldExprCompare(GenTreePtr tree);
bool gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr tree);

// Options to control behavior of gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects
enum BoxRemovalOptions
BR_REMOVE_AND_NARROW, // remove effects and minimize remaining work
BR_REMOVE_BUT_NOT_NARROW, // remove effects but leave box copy source full size
BR_DONT_REMOVE // just check if removal is possible

GenTree* gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTree* tree, BoxRemovalOptions options = BR_REMOVE_AND_NARROW);
GenTree* gtOptimizeEnumHasFlag(GenTree* thisOp, GenTree* flagOp);

// Get the handle, if any.
@@ -2981,7 +2992,9 @@ class Compiler
bool readonlyCall,
bool tailCall,
bool isJitIntrinsic,
CorInfoIntrinsics* pIntrinsicID);
CorInfoIntrinsics* pIntrinsicID,
bool* isSpecialIntrinsic = nullptr);
NamedIntrinsic lookupNamedIntrinsic(CORINFO_METHOD_HANDLE method);
GenTreePtr impArrayAccessIntrinsic(CORINFO_CLASS_HANDLE clsHnd,
int memberRef,
@@ -12209,7 +12209,8 @@ GenTreePtr Compiler::gtFoldExprSpecial(GenTreePtr tree)
assert(!gtTreeHasSideEffects(op->gtBox.gtOp.gtOp1, GTF_SIDE_EFFECT));

// See if we can optimize away the box and related statements.
bool didOptimize = gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(op);
GenTree* boxSourceTree = gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(op);
bool didOptimize = (boxSourceTree != nullptr);

// If optimization succeeded, remove the box.
if (didOptimize)
@@ -12452,40 +12453,53 @@ GenTreePtr Compiler::gtFoldExprSpecial(GenTreePtr tree)
// the copy.
// Arguments:
// op -- the box node to optimize
// op - the box node to optimize
// options - controls whether and how trees are modified
// (see notes)
// Return Value:
// True if the upstream effects were removed. Note parts of the
// copy tree may remain, if the copy source had side effects.
// False if the upstream effects could not be removed.
// A tree representing the original value to box, if removal
// is successful/possible (but see note). nullptr if removal fails.
// Notes:
// Value typed box gets special treatment because it has associated
// side effects that can be removed if the box result is not used.
// By default (options == BR_REMOVE_AND_NARROW) this method will
// try and remove unnecessary trees and will try and reduce remaning
// operations to the minimal set, possibly narrowing the width of
// loads from the box source if it is a struct.
// To perform a trial removal, pass BR_DONT_REMOVE. This can be
// useful to determine if this optimization should only be
// performed if some other conditions hold true.
// To remove but not alter the access to the box source, pass
// If removal fails, is is possible that a subsequent pass may be
// able to optimize. Blocking side effects may now be minimized
// (null or bounds checks might have been removed) or might be
// better known (inline return placeholder updated with the actual
// return expression). So the box is perhaps best left as is to
// help trigger this re-examination.

bool Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr op)
GenTree* Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTree* op, BoxRemovalOptions options)
JITDUMP("gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects called for [%06u]\n", dspTreeID(op));

// grab related parts for the optimization
GenTreePtr asgStmt = op->gtBox.gtAsgStmtWhenInlinedBoxValue;
GenTree* asgStmt = op->gtBox.gtAsgStmtWhenInlinedBoxValue;
assert(asgStmt->gtOper == GT_STMT);
GenTreePtr copyStmt = op->gtBox.gtCopyStmtWhenInlinedBoxValue;
GenTree* copyStmt = op->gtBox.gtCopyStmtWhenInlinedBoxValue;
assert(copyStmt->gtOper == GT_STMT);

#ifdef DEBUG
if (verbose)
printf("\nAttempting to remove side effects of BOX (valuetype)\n");
printf("\n%s to remove side effects of BOX (valuetype)\n",
options == BR_DONT_REMOVE ? "Checking if it is possible" : "Attempting");
printf("\nWith assign\n");
@@ -12495,15 +12509,15 @@ bool Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr op)

// If we don't recognize the form of the assign, bail.
GenTreePtr asg = asgStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr;
GenTree* asg = asgStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr;
if (asg->gtOper != GT_ASG)
JITDUMP(" bailing; unexpected assignment op %s\n", GenTree::OpName(asg->gtOper));
return false;
return nullptr;

// If we don't recognize the form of the copy, bail.
GenTreePtr copy = copyStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr;
GenTree* copy = copyStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr;
if (copy->gtOper != GT_ASG)
// GT_RET_EXPR is a tolerable temporary failure.
@@ -12521,18 +12535,18 @@ bool Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr op)
// looking for.
JITDUMP(" bailing; unexpected copy op %s\n", GenTree::OpName(copy->gtOper));
return false;
return nullptr;

// If the copy is a struct copy, make sure we know how to isolate
// any source side effects.
GenTreePtr copySrc = copy->gtOp.gtOp2;
GenTree* copySrc = copy->gtOp.gtOp2;

// If the copy source is from a pending inline, wait for it to resolve.
if (copySrc->gtOper == GT_RET_EXPR)
JITDUMP(" bailing; must wait for replacement of copy source %s\n", GenTree::OpName(copySrc->gtOper));
return false;
return nullptr;

bool hasSrcSideEffect = false;
@@ -12551,12 +12565,18 @@ bool Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr op)
// We don't know how to handle other cases, yet.
JITDUMP(" bailing; unexpected copy source struct op with side effect %s\n",
return false;
return nullptr;

// Proceed with the optimization
// If this was a trial removal, we're done.
if (options == BR_DONT_REMOVE)
return copySrc;

// Otherwise, proceed with the optimization.
// Change the assignment expression to a NOP.
JITDUMP("\nBashing NEWOBJ [%06u] to NOP\n", dspTreeID(asg));
@@ -12588,10 +12608,18 @@ bool Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr op)
// source struct; there's no need to read the
// entire thing, and no place to put it.
assert(copySrc->gtOper == GT_OBJ || copySrc->gtOper == GT_IND || copySrc->gtOper == GT_FIELD);
copySrc->gtType = TYP_BYTE;
copyStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr = copySrc;
JITDUMP(" to read first byte of struct via modified [%06u]\n", dspTreeID(copySrc));

if (options == BR_REMOVE_AND_NARROW)
JITDUMP(" to read first byte of struct via modified [%06u]\n", dspTreeID(copySrc));
copySrc->gtType = TYP_BYTE;
JITDUMP(" to read entire struct via modified [%06u]\n", dspTreeID(copySrc));

if (fgStmtListThreaded)
@@ -12600,8 +12628,159 @@ bool Compiler::gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(GenTreePtr op)

// Box effects were successfully optimized
return true;
// Box effects were successfully optimized.
return copySrc;

// gtOptimizeEnumHasFlag: given the operands for a call to Enum.HasFlag,
// try and optimize the call to a simple and/compare tree.
// Arguments:
// thisOp - first argument to the call
// flagOp - second argument to the call
// Return Value:
// A new cmp/amd tree if successful. nullptr on failure.
// Notes:
// If successful, may allocate new temps and modify connected
// statements.

GenTree* Compiler::gtOptimizeEnumHasFlag(GenTree* thisOp, GenTree* flagOp)
JITDUMP("Considering optimizing call to Enum.HasFlag....\n");

// Operands must be boxes
if (!thisOp->IsBoxedValue() || !flagOp->IsBoxedValue())
JITDUMP("bailing, need both inputs to be BOXes\n");
return nullptr;

// Operands must have same type
bool isExactThis = false;
bool isNonNullThis = false;
CORINFO_CLASS_HANDLE thisHnd = gtGetClassHandle(thisOp, &isExactThis, &isNonNullThis);

if (thisHnd == nullptr)
JITDUMP("bailing, can't find type for 'this' operand\n");
return nullptr;

// A boxed thisOp should have exact type and non-null instance

bool isExactFlag = false;
bool isNonNullFlag = false;
CORINFO_CLASS_HANDLE flagHnd = gtGetClassHandle(flagOp, &isExactFlag, &isNonNullFlag);

if (flagHnd == nullptr)
JITDUMP("bailing, can't find type for 'flag' operand\n");
return nullptr;

// A boxed flagOp should have exact type and non-null instance

if (flagHnd != thisHnd)
JITDUMP("bailing, operand types differ\n");
return nullptr;

// If we have a shared type instance we can't safely check type
// equality, so bail.
DWORD classAttribs = info.compCompHnd->getClassAttribs(thisHnd);
if (classAttribs & CORINFO_FLG_SHAREDINST)
JITDUMP("bailing, have shared instance type\n");
return nullptr;

// Simulate removing the box for thisOP. We need to know that it can
// be safely removed before we can optimize.
GenTree* thisVal = gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(thisOp, BR_DONT_REMOVE);
if (thisVal == nullptr)
// Note we may fail here if the this operand comes from
// a call. We should be able to retry this post-inlining.
JITDUMP("bailing, can't undo box of 'this' operand\n");
return nullptr;

GenTree* flagVal = gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(flagOp, BR_REMOVE_BUT_NOT_NARROW);
if (flagVal == nullptr)
// Note we may fail here if the flag operand comes from
// a call. We should be able to retry this post-inlining.
JITDUMP("bailing, can't undo box of 'flag' operand\n");
return nullptr;

// Yes, both boxes can be cleaned up. Optimize.
JITDUMP("Optimizing call to Enum.HasFlag\n");

// Undo the boxing of thisOp and prepare to operate directly
// on the original enum values.
thisVal = gtTryRemoveBoxUpstreamEffects(thisOp, BR_REMOVE_BUT_NOT_NARROW);

// Our trial removal above should guarantee successful removal here.
assert(thisVal != nullptr);

// We should have a consistent view of the type
var_types type = thisVal->TypeGet();
assert(type == flagVal->TypeGet());

// The thisVal and flagVal trees come from earlier statements.
// Unless they are invariant values, we need to evaluate them both
// to temps at those points to safely transmit the values here.
// Also we need to use the flag twice, so we need two trees for it.
GenTree* thisValOpt = nullptr;
GenTree* flagValOpt = nullptr;
GenTree* flagValOptCopy = nullptr;

if (thisVal->IsIntegralConst())
thisValOpt = gtClone(thisVal);
const unsigned thisTmp = lvaGrabTemp(true DEBUGARG("Enum:HasFlag this temp"));
GenTree* thisAsg = gtNewTempAssign(thisTmp, thisVal);
GenTree* thisAsgStmt = thisOp->AsBox()->gtCopyStmtWhenInlinedBoxValue;
thisAsgStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr = thisAsg;
thisValOpt = gtNewLclvNode(thisTmp, type);

if (flagVal->IsIntegralConst())
flagValOpt = gtClone(flagVal);
flagValOptCopy = gtClone(flagVal);
const unsigned flagTmp = lvaGrabTemp(true DEBUGARG("Enum:HasFlag flag temp"));
GenTree* flagAsg = gtNewTempAssign(flagTmp, flagVal);
GenTree* flagAsgStmt = flagOp->AsBox()->gtCopyStmtWhenInlinedBoxValue;
flagAsgStmt->gtStmt.gtStmtExpr = flagAsg;
flagValOpt = gtNewLclvNode(flagTmp, type);
flagValOptCopy = gtNewLclvNode(flagTmp, type);

// Turn the call into (thisValTmp & flagTmp) == flagTmp.
GenTree* andTree = gtNewOperNode(GT_AND, type, thisValOpt, flagValOpt);
GenTree* cmpTree = gtNewOperNode(GT_EQ, TYP_INT, andTree, flagValOptCopy);

JITDUMP("Optimized call to Enum.HasFlag\n");

return cmpTree;


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