Updated Oct 18, 2018

Support for unloading AssemblyLoadContext and all assemblies loaded into it.

ML.NET support work

Updated Sep 13, 2018

No description

Hardware Intrinsics

Updated Oct 17, 2018

This projects tracks the work for supporting hardware intrinsics for the target platforms supported by CoreCLR. See also https://github.com/dotnet/designs/blob/master/accepted/platform-intrinsics.md.

Default Interface Methods

Updated Oct 17, 2018

Runtime support for the default interface methods C# language feature.

Performance Monitoring

Updated Oct 11, 2018

This project is to add support to enable performance monitoring of the runtime via EventListeners.


Updated Oct 17, 2018

This project represents work required to port RyuJIT to generate ARM32 code. It will allow removing the LEGACY_BACKEND path from the JIT source for ARM32.

Local GC

Updated Jun 8, 2018

Work items for the "Local GC" effort, which is aiming to decouple the GC from the rest of the runtime.

.NET Core ARM64

Updated Oct 19, 2018

This project tracks the progress of RyuJIT targeting arm64.