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Documents Index

This repo includes several documents that explain both high-level and low-level concepts about the .NET runtime. These are very useful for contributors, to get context that can be very difficult to acquire from just reading code.

Intro to .NET Core

.NET Core is a self-contained .NET runtime and framework that implements ECMA 335. It can be (and has been) ported to multiple architectures and platforms. It supports a variety of installation options, having no specific deployment requirements itself.

Getting Started

Project Docs

Coding Guidelines

Build CoreCLR from Source

Testing and Debugging CoreCLR

Book of the Runtime

The Book of the Runtime is a set of chapters that go in depth into various interesting aspects of the design of the .NET Framework.

For your convenience, here are a few quick links to popular chapters:

For additional information, see this list of blog posts that provide a 'deep-dive' into the CoreCLR source code

Decoder Rings

Other Information