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jkoritzinsky Clean up our CMake scripts using features introduced between 3… (#26980)
* Try to remove the CLR_CMAKE_COMPILER weirdness.

* Cleanup phase 1.

Fixes CMake's incremental build, but makes MSBuild complain about it's incremental build possibly not working.

* Drive dac and crossgen-specific defines through target properties.

* First pass of consolidation of singularly nested CMakeLists.txt files.

* Convert metadata libraries to not use leaf folders for dac/runtime/crossgen/dbi variations.

* Clean up some of the non-arm assembly file handling.

* Encapsulate arm/arm64 manual preprocessing and compilation of assembly files into a cmake function preprocess_compile_asm.

* Fix typo.

* Convert usages of add_precompiled_header to target_precompile_header everywhere except the jit.

* Clean up/remove some leaf CMake files that are just simple target creation (where most of the work was done in the parent).

* Remove unused CMakeLists file and folder.

* Clean up coreclr/CMakeLists.txt

* Remove conditions based on CMake version (since we're unifying on CMake 3.14)

* Convert final usages of add_precompiled_header to target_precompile_header and remove add_precompiled_header.

* Handle the inclusion in cee_wks by marking it a header file instead of making a custom target.

* Move from deprecated FindPythonInterp module to FindPython module.

* Remove unused jitpch.cpp

* Fix typo.

* Have get_compile_definitions correctly split out generator expressions for multiple-valued generator expressions.

* preprocess_def_file -> preprocess_file and make it work xplat.

* Fix test build.

* Fix typo in flag.

* Fix resource building on non-windows.

* Fix other linker flag typo I missed.

* Add missing eventing_headers dependency.

* Fix multivalued generator expression.

* Use CMake 3.x features to significantly simplify toolchain.cmake.

* Remove references to LLDB from gen-buildsys-* (these aren't needed since SOS moved out of the repo).

* Remove debugging line

* Check check_pie_supported

* Clean up link flags.

* Fix copy-paste typo

* Cleanup. Change some conditions in configurecompiler to check for MSVC specifically, not Windows.

* Restore the llldb include and library path searching.

* Restore asmconstants_inc custom target.
Latest commit 59c7b7e Oct 7, 2019
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