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Standups Standups info Jun 27, 2017 Update Oct 12, 2017

CoreFX Contributors standups


Regular online meeting (standup) with CoreFX repo contributors.


  • Have bi-directional communication with our key contributors and valuable community members. Give them space to ask questions about anything involving our .NET Core repos, .NET Core product and .NET Framework.
  • Identify blind spots and painpoints we are not aware of. Learn what we do not know (e.g. 2FA is pain when you are at school and hop computers every day, etc.).
  • Give our contributors voice in the product and repo community shaping.


  • Streaming on with chat
  • 1-1.5h session
  • Q&A with major questions/topics submitted and voted upfront by community
  • Cadence: monthly
  • Topics: 2 topics selected based on voting (upvote top post)


  • Cover also CoreCLR repo
    • Either with special contributors standup, or as part of CoreFX contributors standup.
    • Currently no ETA (we will decide after experience with 1-3 CoreFX Contributors standups).
  • Time-slot (note: we have international community) – we can alternate 2 slots – morning & evening (as ASP.NET standup does)
  • Bring in guests from our sub-teams to the discussion, when the prepared topics are about their specific areas.