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Remove Alpine 3.6 builds #29295

merged 1 commit into from Apr 25, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -17,13 +17,13 @@ simpleDockerNode('microsoft/dotnet-buildtools-prereqs:alpine-3.6-3148f11-2017111
stage ('Generate version assets') {
// Generate the version assets. Do we need to even do this for non-official builds?
sh "./ -runtimeos=alpine.3.6 -- /t:GenerateVersionSourceFile /p:GenerateVersionSourceFile=true /p:PortableBuild=false"
sh "./ -runtimeos=linux-musl -- /t:GenerateVersionSourceFile /p:GenerateVersionSourceFile=true /p:PortableBuild=false"
stage ('Sync') {
sh "./ -p -runtimeos=alpine.3.6 -- /p:ArchGroup=x64 /p:PortableBuild=false"
sh "./ -p -runtimeos=linux-musl -- /p:ArchGroup=x64 /p:PortableBuild=false"
stage ('Build Product') {
sh "./ -buildArch=x64 -runtimeos=alpine.3.6 -${params.CGroup} -- /p:PortableBuild=false"
sh "./ -buildArch=x64 -runtimeos=linux-musl -${params.CGroup} -- /p:PortableBuild=false"
stage ('Build Tests') {
def additionalArgs = ''
@@ -48,22 +48,6 @@
"Type": "build/product/"
"Name": "DotNet-CoreFx-Trusted-Linux",
"Parameters": {
"PB_DockerTag": "alpine-3.6-3148f11-20171119021156",
"PB_BuildArguments": "-buildArch=x64 -$(PB_ConfigurationGroup) -stripSymbols -RuntimeOS=alpine.3.6 -- /p:PortableBuild=false /p:StabilizePackageVersion=$(PB_IsStable) /p:PackageVersionStamp=$(PB_VersionStamp)",
"PB_BuildTestsArguments": "-buildArch=x64 -$(PB_ConfigurationGroup) -SkipTests -Outerloop -RuntimeOS=alpine.3.6 -- /p:ArchiveTests=true /p:EnableDumpling=true /p:PortableBuild=false",
"PB_SyncArguments": "-p -BuildTests=false -RuntimeOS=alpine.3.6 -- /p:ArchGroup=x64 /p:PortableBuild=false /p:DotNetRestoreSources=$(PB_RestoreSource) /p:DotNetAssetRootUrl=$(PB_AssetRootUrl)",
"PB_TargetQueue": "Alpine.36.Amd64",
"PB_CreateHelixArguments": "/p:ArchGroup=x64 /p:ConfigurationGroup=$(PB_ConfigurationGroup) /p:TestProduct=corefx /p:TimeoutInSeconds=1200 /p:TargetOS=Linux"
"ReportingParameters": {
"OperatingSystem": "Alpine3.6",
"Platform": "x64",
"Type": "build/product/"
"Name": "DotNet-CoreFx-Trusted-Linux",
"Parameters": {
@@ -17,15 +17,15 @@ def branch = GithubBranchName
def linPipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/linux.groovy')
def linArm64Pipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/linux.arm64.groovy')
def centos6Pipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/centos.6.groovy')
def alpine36Pipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/alpine.3.6.groovy')
def linmuslPipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/linux-musl.groovy')

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eerhardt Apr 24, 2018


(nit) I know it is used currently in this file, but the lin abbreviation just doesn't seem right to me. I've never seen that before.

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weshaggard Apr 24, 2018

Author Member

It made more since when it was just "lin", "win", and "osx" it allowed the table to format easier as they were all the same length but now there are others so it make less sense. However I'm going to refrain from cleaning up this file because I want to keep this change scoped so I can port it to release/2.1.

def osxPipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/osx.groovy')
def winPipeline = Pipeline.createPipelineForGithub(this, project, branch, 'buildpipeline/windows.groovy')

def configurations = [
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':linPipeline, 'Name':'Linux' ,'ForPR':"Release-x64", 'Arch':['x64']],
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':linArm64Pipeline, 'Name':'Linux' ,'ForPR':"Release-arm64", 'Arch':['arm64']],
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':centos6Pipeline, 'Name':'CentOS.6' ,'ForPR':"", 'Arch':['x64']],
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':alpine36Pipeline, 'Name':'Alpine.3.6' ,'ForPR':"Debug-x64", 'Arch':['x64']],
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':linmuslPipeline, 'Name':'Linux-musl' ,'ForPR':"Debug-x64", 'Arch':['x64']],
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':osxPipeline, 'Name':'OSX', 'ForPR':"Debug-x64", 'Arch':['x64']],
['TGroup':"netcoreapp", 'Pipeline':winPipeline, 'Name':'Windows' , 'ForPR':"Debug-x64|Release-x86"],
['TGroup':"netfx", 'Pipeline':winPipeline, 'Name':'NETFX', 'ForPR':"Release-x86"],
@@ -3,8 +3,6 @@
<Import Project="$([MSBuild]::GetDirectoryNameOfFileAbove($(MSBuildThisFileDirectory), dir.props))\dir.props" />
<!-- Set to alpine until we get a published linux-musl runtime package -->
<NugetRuntimeIdentifier Condition="'$(RuntimeOS)' == 'linux-musl'">alpine.3.6-x64</NugetRuntimeIdentifier>
@@ -94,9 +94,7 @@ if [ ! -e "$__DOTNET_PATH" ]; then
if [ -e /etc/os-release ]; then
source /etc/os-release
if [[ $ID == "alpine" ]]; then
# remove the last version digit
elif [ -e /etc/redhat-release ]; then
@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@
<OfficialBuildRID Include="linux-x64" />
<OfficialBuildRID Include="linux-musl-x64" />
<OfficialBuildRID Include="rhel.6-x64" />
<OfficialBuildRID Include="alpine.3.6-x64" />
<OfficialBuildRID Include="osx-x64" />
<OfficialBuildRID Include="win-arm">
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