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ViktorHofer Remove UAP target (#41759)
* Remove Uap target

* Remove RemoteInvokeForUap wrapper calls entirely

* Harvest S.D.SqlClient on UWP

* Disable UWP PInvoke analyzer

* Enable WindowsRuntime* tests on netcoreapp
Latest commit 3b6ec2b Oct 17, 2019
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pkg Project msbuild syntax cleanup (#35686) Mar 3, 2019
ref Remove ProjectGUIDs from project files and Project and Name attribute… Sep 9, 2019
tests Remove UAP target (#41759) Oct 17, 2019
Directory.Build.props Remove UAP target (#41759) Oct 17, 2019
System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.sln Update sln configurations (#38698) Jun 19, 2019
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