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.NET Core Community online Hackathon - 6/2

We will hold a hackathon for some .NET Core repos. It will happen on Saturday 6/2 (June 2nd), 2018.

Everyone is welcome to join - new contributors (even new to GitHub), active or seasoned contributors.

We will try to have a couple of .NET Core engineers available during that time to help provide PR feedback and troubleshoot problems (mostly in Pacific timezone). We hope a few of our experienced contributors will join us as well to help get everyone started.


6/2 (Saturday, June 2nd, 2018)

How to participate?

  1. Pick a repo where you want to contribute.
    • Read repo contribution guidelines, clone it, build it, run tests. Get ready to contribute.
  2. Join repo-specific hackathon gitter chat room.
    • Useful to get help when getting started. Ask questions about the repo, code or issues. Chat with others and have some fun :).
  3. Pick an issue in the repo you want to work on.
    • More issues will be marked as Hackathon throughout 6/2.
    • Comment on the issue that you plan to grab it.
  4. Submit PR.
    • Work on PR feedback. Expect that code review may need to wait for area expert to approve it (may happen in next couple of days).
  5. Have fun along the way! :)

Participating repos

  • CoreFX - Hackathon room: Gitter
    • Base Class Libraries (BCL) of .NET Core, written mostly in C#. Great for new contributors familiar with C#.
    • Pick an issue from Hackathon query.
      • Alternatively you can choose from issues marked as easy, or up-for-grabs,
      • or any other issue you like (just stay away from issues marked as api-suggestion, api-needs-work and api-ready-for-review - they track API additions which need to go through API review first and that takes time)
    • Read contribution guide to get started.
  • CoreCLR - Hackathon room: Gitter
  • CoreFxLab - Hackathon room: Gitter
    • Experimental place for latest technologies which may or may not end up in production CoreFX repo one day. Great for new contributors familiar with C# who don't mind their PR might not ship.
    • Pick an issue from Hackathon query.
    • Read repo contributions docs to get started.

Do you have questions or suggestions?

Ask on appropriate gitter channel (see per-repo Hackathon channel above).


How can I grab an issue?

Just comment on it that you want to work on it (check that you are the first one).

For easier tracking what is taken vs. not, we would like to assign the issue to you (although it is not mandatory). To do that, we need to add you to repo Collaborators list first (GitHub limitation) - please ping @karelz or @ViktorHofer to send you a Collaborator invite (we will assign the issue temporarily to ourselves). Once you accept the invite, please us on the issue again stating you accepted the invite, so that we can assign the issue to you. Pro-tip: Being collaborator will automatically subscribe you to all repo notifications (easily 500+ per day), we recommend to switch it to "Not Watching" which will send you notifications only where you are mentioned, assigned or manually subscribed.

.NET Core Hackathon in Amsterdam, NL

If you happen to be in Amsterdam on that day, you can join the local event to get even more hands on help from experienced .NET Core contributors and interact with others in real-life.

Register here: https://www.infosupport.com/net-core-hackathon-2018/

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