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Restoring, Building, and Testing

When you run build.cmd or, the following happens

  • The latest .NET cli and runtime are downloaded and installed (under the dotnetcli folder)
  • The NuGet packages for the corefxlab.sln solution are restored
    • To skip this step, add -Restore $false as an argument (build.cmd only)
  • The corefxlab.sln solution (which contains all the active source and test projects) is built
  • All the unit tests witin the test projects (that live inside the tests folder) are executed.
    • To skip this step, add -SkipTests $true as an argument (build.cmd only)


It was not possible to find any compatible framework version

There are two main reasons for receiving this error:

  1. You don't have the latest version. Run build to install the latest versions.
  2. The wrong dotnet.exe is being located.
    • From the command line, ensure that you are running dotnet.exe in dotnetcli directory (run dotnet --info).
    • Alternatively, you can add [RepoPath]\corefxlab\dotnetcli to you system path, "ahead" of C:\Program Files\dotnet.
    • For building and running tests within VS, you'll need to use this latter option.


System.Text.Formatting APIs are similar to the existing StringBuilder and TextWriter APIs. They are designed to format values into text streams and to build complex strings. But these APIs are optimized for creating text for the Web. They do formatting with minimum GC heap allocations (1/6 of allocations in some scenarios) and can format directly to UTF8 streams. This can result in significant performance wins for software that does a lot of text

See more at

This package is now available as a NuGet package. See


FileSystemWatcher like APIs that uses polling to monitor changes to the file system.

Writing Console Applications for the .NET Core

See more at

Find the rest of the preview nuget packages at -

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