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Commits on Oct 1, 2019
  1. Fixing AdvSimd.Arm64 to have an internal constructor in the "supporte…

    tannergooding authored and MichalStrehovsky committed Oct 1, 2019
    …d" file. (#26953)
    Signed-off-by: dotnet-bot <>
  2. Refactoring the ARM Hardware Intrinsics based on the latest design de…

    tannergooding authored and jkotas committed Sep 27, 2019
    …cisions. (#26895)
    * Moving the Arm64 intrinsic files into the Arm folder.
    * Refactoring the ARM Hardware Intrinsics based on the new design.
    * Adding support for AdvSimd.Add
    * Adding LoadVector64 and LoadVector128 APIs to Arm.AdvSimd
    * Marking the LoadVector64 and LoadVector128 methods as unsafe
    * Removing the ARM64 HWIntrinsic tests
    * Renaming Arm.Base to Arm.ArmBase, as per the design
    * Fixing Base.cs to ArmBase.cs in the shared projitems
    * Fixing the doc comments for the AdvSimd.LoadVector methods
    * Marking various IsSupported methods as new, now that they inherit from ArmBase
    * Fixing a malformed doc comment that was missed
    * Marking AdvSimd.Arm64 as [Intrinsic] and new
    Signed-off-by: dotnet-bot <>
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