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Value types table - C# Reference
value types [C#], table
types [C#], value types
types [C#], suffixes

Value types table (C# Reference)

The following table shows the C# value types:

Value type Category Type suffix
bool Boolean
byte Unsigned, numeric, integral
char Unsigned, numeric, integral
decimal Numeric, floating-point M or m
double Numeric, floating-point D or d
enum Enumeration
float Numeric, floating-point F or f
int Signed, numeric, integral
long Signed, numeric, integral L or l
sbyte Signed, numeric, integral
short Signed, numeric, integral
struct User-defined structure
uint Unsigned, numeric, integral U or u
ulong Unsigned, numeric, integral UL, Ul, uL, ul, LU, Lu, lU, or lu
ushort Unsigned, numeric, integral


You use a type suffix to specify a type of a numerical literal. For example:

decimal a = 0.1M;

If an integer numerical literal has no suffix, it has the first of the following types in which its value can be represented: int, uint, long, ulong.

If a real numerical literal has no suffix, it's of type double.

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