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Getting Started with WCF Data Services
WCF Data Services, getting started

Getting Started with WCF Data Services

The topics in this section help you quickly understand [!INCLUDEssODataFull] and how to use [!INCLUDEssAstoria] to expose and consume [!INCLUDEssODataShort] feeds by explaining the underlying technologies. This section includes both conceptual content and a quickstart tutorial.

In This Section

The following topics describe how to create data services by using [!INCLUDEssAstoria].

Exposing Your Data as a Service
Describes the steps that are required to create a data service by using [!INCLUDEssAstoria].

Accessing Data Service Resources
Describes how to work with [!INCLUDEssODataShort] feeds.

Using a Data Service in a Client Application
Describes how to work with an [!INCLUDEssODataShort] feed in a .NET Framework client application.

Shows how to create and access a simple [!INCLUDEssODataShort]-based service that exposes a feed based on the Northwind sample database.

Application Scenarios
Highlights a core set of [!INCLUDEssODataShort] scenarios that are supported by [!INCLUDEssAstoria].

Provides links to [!INCLUDEssAstoria] and [!INCLUDEssODataShort] resources.

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