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corrected incorrect markdown indentation (#12153)

the dotnet command for 2.x wasn't formatted correctly due to an extra indent
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mjjames authored and rpetrusha committed May 2, 2019
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@@ -62,9 +62,9 @@ From a Windows, macOS, or Linux command window perform the following steps:
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# [dotnet-svcutil 2.x](#tab/dotnetsvcutil2x)

dotnet tool install --global dotnet-svcutil
dotnet tool install --global dotnet-svcutil

# [dotnet-svcutil 1.x](#tab/dotnetsvcutil1x)
Open the `HelloSvcutil.csproj` project file in your editor, edit the `Project` element, and add the [`dotnet-svcutil` NuGet package]( as a CLI tool reference, using the following code:

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