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<Type Name="ColorResetter" FullName="Microsoft.Build.Logging.ColorResetter">
<TypeSignature Language="C#" Value="public delegate void ColorResetter();" />
<TypeSignature Language="ILAsm" Value=".class public auto ansi sealed ColorResetter extends System.MulticastDelegate" />
<TypeSignature Language="DocId" Value="T:Microsoft.Build.Logging.ColorResetter" />
<TypeSignature Language="VB.NET" Value="Public Delegate Sub ColorResetter()" />
<TypeSignature Language="C++ CLI" Value="public delegate void ColorResetter();" />
<TypeSignature Language="F#" Value="type ColorResetter = delegate of unit -&gt; unit" />
<Parameters />
<summary>Type of delegate used to reset console color.</summary>
<remarks>To be added.</remarks>
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