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<Namespace Name="System.Drawing.Imaging">
<summary>The <see cref="N:System.Drawing.Imaging" /> namespace provides advanced GDI+ imaging functionality. Basic graphics functionality is provided by the <see cref="N:System.Drawing" /> namespace.</summary>
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## Remarks
The <xref:System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile> class provides methods for recording and saving metafiles. The <xref:System.Drawing.Imaging.Encoder> class enables users to extend GDI+ to support any image format. The <xref:System.Drawing.Imaging.PropertyItem> class provides methods for storing and retrieving metadata in image files.
> Classes within the <xref:System.Drawing.Imaging> namespace are not supported for use within a Windows or ASP.NET service. Attempting to use these classes from within one of these application types may produce unexpected problems, such as diminished service performance and run-time exceptions.
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