This is the hub for all the projects that are part of the .NET Foundation. MD files in the projects folder feed the content on the .NET Foundation website
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People getting confused about which page to visit to read the CoC that applies to the project.

Just having link to .NET Foundation one which includes the email address to report issues to.

Made sure that page has a big call out at the top of that page giving appropriate kudos to Contributor Covenant for being awesome. But hopefully it's more clear who to email now.
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Welcome to the .NET Foundation

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We foster open development, collaboration and community engagement on the .NET platform. The .NET Foundation is the steward of a growing collection of open source technologies for .NET, Microsoft’s comprehensive development framework.

Please visit for more information.

.NET Foundation Projects on GitHub

There are many projects under the stewardship of the .NET Foundation. The full list of projects is provided on the .NET Foundation site. The projects on GitHub are listed below, categorized by contributing company or individual.

App vNext

Brian Lagunas & Brian Noyes



Dominick Baier & Brock Allen

Jb Evain


Mono Project





WiX Toolset


.NET Foundation Community Resources