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Remove logging of error for no poison leaks (#17159)
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mthalman committed Aug 9, 2023
1 parent f5ad81b commit 7ebbb2d
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Expand Up @@ -160,11 +160,6 @@ public override bool Execute()
Log.LogWarning($"{poisons.Count()} marked files leaked to output. See complete report '{PoisonReportOutputFilePath}' for details.");
Log.LogError($"No leaked files found in output. Either something is broken or it is the future and we have fixed all leaks - please verify and remove this error if so (and default {nameof(FailOnPoisonFound)} to true).");
return false;

return !Log.HasLoggedErrors;
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@@ -1,11 +1 @@
<File Path="dotnet-format.x.y.z/tools/netx.y/any/Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.AnalyzerUtilities.dll">
<File Path="dotnet-sdk-x.y.z-banana-rid.tar/sdk/x.y.z/DotnetTools/dotnet-format/Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.AnalyzerUtilities.dll">
<File Path="dotnet-sdk-x.y.z-banana-rid.tar/sdk/x.y.z/DotnetTools/dotnet-watch/x.y.z/tools/netx.y/any/Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.AnalyzerUtilities.dll">
<PrebuiltLeakReport />

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