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.NET interactive provides data scientists and developers a way to explore data, experiment with code, and try new ideas effortlessly. Use .NET Interactive to build .NET Jupyter notebooks or custom interactive coding experiences.

Jupyter Notebooks with .NET

Jupyter Notebooks with .NET Core | Preview 2 dotnet bot in space

There are several ways to get started using .NET with Jupyter.

How to Install .NET Interactive

First, make sure you have the following installed:

  • The .NET 3.1 SDK.

  • Jupyter. Jupyter can be installed using Anaconda.

  • Open the Anaconda Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (macOS) and verify that Jupyter is installed and present on the path:

> jupyter kernelspec list
  python3        ~\jupyter\kernels\python3
  • Next, in an ordinary console, install the dotnet interactive global tool:
> dotnet tool install -g --add-source "" Microsoft.dotnet-interactive
  • Register .NET Interactive as a Jupyter kernel by running the following within your Anaconda Prompt:
> dotnet interactive jupyter install

[InstallKernelSpec] Installed kernelspec .net-powershell in ~\jupyter\kernels\.net-powershell
.NET kernel installation succeeded

[InstallKernelSpec] Installed kernelspec .net-csharp in ~\jupyter\kernels\.net-csharp
.NET kernel installation succeeded

[InstallKernelSpec] Installed kernelspec .net-fsharp in ~\jupyter\kernels\.net-fsharp
.NET kernel installation succeeded
  • You can now verify the installation by running the following in the Anaconda Prompt:
> jupyter kernelspec list
  .net-csharp       ~\jupyter\kernels\.net-csharp
  .net-fsharp       ~\jupyter\kernels\.net-fsharp
  .net-powershell   ~\jupyter\kernels\.net-powershell
  python3           ~\jupyter\kernels\python3


We are providing a number of packages that can be used to write custom extensions for .NET Interactive or to build your own interactive experiences.

Package Version Description
Microsoft.dotnet-interactive Nuget The dotnet-interactive global tool
Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive Nuget Core types for building applications providing interactive programming for .NET.
Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.Formatting Nuget Convention-based and highly configurable .NET object formatting for interactive programming, including support for mime types suitable for building visualizations for Jupyter Notebooks and web browsers.
Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.FSharp Nuget Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.IKernel implementation for F#
Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.CSharp Nuget Microsoft.DotNet.Interactive.IKernel implementation for C#

Contribution Guidelines

As we are still in the early stages of development, we may not take any feature PRs at the moment, but we intend to do so in the future. If you find an bug or have a feature suggestion, please open an issue.

Customers & Partners

Azure Synapse Analytics Azure HDInsight (HDI)
Azure Synapse Analytics uses the .NET kernel to write and run quick ad-hoc queries in addition to developing complete, end-to-end big data scenarios, such as reading in data, transforming it, and visualizing it You can launch Jupyter notebooks from your HDInsight cluster to run big data queries against the compute resources in that cluster.
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