This repo includes .NET Core implementations for various IoT boards, chips, displays and PCBs.
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.NET Core IoT Libraries

.NET Core can be used to build applications for IoT devices and scenarios. IoT applications typically interact with sensors, displays and input devices that require the use of GPIO pins, serial ports or similar hardware.

This repository contains the System.Device.Gpio library and implementations for various boards like Raspberry Pi and Hummingboard.

It also contains a growing set of community-maintained device bindings for IoT components.

Note: System.Device.Gpio is in early preview. It is not yet supported and will continue to change. It is currently published to myget (requires use of nuget.config).

How to Install and Get Started

You can install the latest daily pre-release build of the .NET Core System.Device.Gpio nuget package from the feed.


nuget install System.Device.Gpio -PreRelease -Source


dotnet add package System.Device.Gpio --source

After installing, see the samples/ for step by step instructions on building your first app.

Raspberry Pi Breadboard diagram


This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information, see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.


Please contribute. We are primarily interested in the following:

  • Improving quality and capability of the drivers for supported boards.
  • Implementations for additional boards
  • .NET device bindings for a wide variety of sensors, chips, displays and other components.
  • Links to blog posts or tweets that showcase .NET Core being used for great IoT scenarios (file an issue).
  • Request a device binding or protocol that you need for your project (file an issue).


We have the following deliverables on our intermediate-term roadmap (not in order of completion):

  • Support General-purpose input/output protocols: GPIO, SPI, I2C, and PWM
  • Support common serial protocols: RS-485 Serial Port, CAN bus, Modbus
  • Support digital audio bus protocols: I2S
  • Support Raspberry Pi 3 on Linux and Windows 10 IoT Core RS5
  • Support Hummingboard Edge on Linux and Windows 10 IoT Core RS5
  • Support BeagleBoard Black on Linux and Windows 10 IoT Core RS5
  • Support sysfs (/sys/class/gpio) for Generic/Portable Device Driver on Linux Kernel 3.6+
  • Support libgpiod (/dev/gpiochipX) for Generic/Portable Device Driver on Linux Kernel 4.8+
  • Stabilize System.Device.* API
  • Publish System.Device.* API to
  • Provide dockerfiles for all samples
  • Publish Docker images for a subset of samples
  • Support x64
  • Support ARM32
  • Support ARM64
  • Support Device Bindings for common sensors and microcontrollers such as those bundled with the Microsoft IoT Starter Pack
  • Support Device Bindings and Canvas Widgets for LCDS, multi-panel LED matrices, and Displays
  • Support Device Bindings for servo and stepper motors, motor controllers, and drives
  • Stabilize IoT.Device.* APIs for Device Bindings
  • Publish IoT.Device.* Device Bindings to


.NET Core (including the iot repo) is licensed under the MIT license.