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ADS1115 - Analog to Digital Converter

ADS1115 is an Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) with 16 bits of resolution.

Sensor Image


// set I2C bus ID: 1
// ADS1115 Addr Pin connect to GND
I2cConnectionSettings settings = new I2cConnectionSettings(1, (int)I2cAddress.GND);
I2cDevice device = I2cDevice.Create(settings);

// pass in I2cDevice
// measure the voltage AIN0
// set the maximum range to 6.144V
using (Ads1115 adc = new Ads1115(device, InputMultiplexer.AIN0, MeasuringRange.FS6144))
    // read raw data form the sensor
    short raw = adc.ReadRaw();
    // raw data convert to voltage
    double voltage = adc.RawToVoltage(raw);


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