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BMxx80 Device Family


BMxx80 is a device family that senses temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, humidity and VOC gas.

SPI and I2C can be used to communicate with the device (only I2C implemented so far).

Device Family

The implementation supports the following devices:

  • BMP280 temperature and barometric pressure sensor (Datasheet)
  • BME280 temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensor (Datasheet)
  • BME680 temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and VOC gas sensor (Datasheet)


3 examples on how to use this device binding are available in the samples folder.

The following fritzing diagram illustrates one way to wire up the BMP280 with a Raspberry Pi using I2C:

Raspberry Pi Breadboard diagram


Bmp280 Raspberry
Vin Power pin
GND Ground


Bmp280 Raspberry
SCK I2C clock pin
SDI I2C data pin

Connection Type

The following connection types are supported by this binding.

  • I2C
  • SPI
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