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Mcp3428 - Analog to Digital Converter (I2C)


The library implements the Microchip MCP3428 16 bit A/D converter with I2C interface. It has hardware configurable I2C address and software configurable resolution and gain. Can work in continuous and on-demand conversion modes.

Device Family

"The MCP3426, MCP3427 and MCP3428 devices (MCP3426/7/8) are the low noise and high accuracy 16 Bit Delta-Sigma Analog-to-Digital (ΔΣ A/D) Converter family members of the MCP342X series from Microchip Technology Inc. These devices can convert analog inputs to digital codes with up to 16 bits of resolution." - Datasheet

The 3 devices differ only in addressing capability and channel number. The library implements all of them.


Binding Notes

On the MCP3428 you can select 8 different I2C addresses that the device answers on. It's done by connecting two pins, Adr0 and Adr1 to supply voltage or ground or leaving then floating. The library has a helper method to choose the address based on pin states.

With this instantiating the device and reading the first channel is done like this:

var options = new I2cConnectionSettings(1,
    Mcp3428.AddressFromPins(PinState.Low, PinState.Floating));
using (var dev = new UnixI2cDevice(options))
using (var adc = new Mcp3428(dev)) // Default settings
    var ch1 = adc.ReadChannel(0);

    Console.WriteLine($"ADC Channel value: {ch1} V");

The library provides an async API as reading with 16 bit resolution can take up to 60-80ms. It's in a separate class called Mcp3428Async.


Provide any references to other tutorials, blogs and hardware related to the component that could help others get started.

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