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If you are here, it means you are interested in helping us out. A hearty welcome and thank you! There are many ways you can contribute to the ML.NET project:

  • Offer PR's to fix bugs or implement new features.
  • Give us feedback and bug reports regarding the software or the documentation.
  • Improve our examples, tutorials, and documentation.

Getting started:

Please join the community on Gitter Join the chat at Also please make sure to take a look at the project roadmap.

Pull requests

If you are new to GitHub here is a detailed help source on getting involved with development on GitHub.

As a first time contributor, you will be invited to sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Please follow the instructions of the dotnet foundation bot reviewer on your PR to sign the agreement indicating that you have appropriate rights to your contribution.

Your pull request needs to reference a filed issue. Please fill in the template that is populated for the pull request. Only pull requests addressing small typos can have no issues associated with them.

An ML.NET team member will be assigned to your pull request once the continuous integration checks have passed successfully.

All commits in a pull request will be squashed to a single commit with the original creator as author.


See Contributing for information about coding styles, source structure, making pull requests, and more.


See the Developer Guide for details about developing in this repo.