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Developer Guide

The repo can be built for the following platforms, using the provided setup and the following instructions.

Chip Windows Linux OS X
x64 Instructions Instructions Instructions

Building the repository

The ML.NET repo can be built from a regular, non-admin command prompt. The build produces multiple binaries that make up the ML.NET libraries and the accompanying tests.

Developer Workflow

The dev workflow describes the development process to follow. It is divided into specific tasks that are fast, transparent and easy to understand. The tasks are represented in scripts (cmd/sh) in the root of the repo.

For more information about the different options that each task has, use the argument -? when calling the script. For example:

build -?


  • Initialize the repo to make build possible (if the build fails because it can't find mf.cpp then perhaps you missed this step)
git submodule update --init
  • Building in release mode for platform x64
build.cmd -Release -TargetArchitecture:x64
  • Building the src and then building and running the tests
build.cmd -runTests

Building individual projects

Note: Before working on individual projects or test projects you must run build from the root once before beginning that work. It is also a good idea to run build whenever you pull a large set of unknown changes into your branch.

Under the src directory is a set of directories, each of which represents a particular assembly in ML.NET.

For example the src\Microsoft.MachineLearning.Core directory holds the source code for the Microsoft.MachineLearning.Core.dll assembly.

You can build the DLL for Microsoft.MachineLearning.Core.dll by going to the src\Microsoft.MachineLearning.Core directory and typing dotnet build.

You can build the tests for Microsoft.MachineLearning.Core.dll by going to test\Microsoft.MachineLearning.Core.Tests directory and typing dotnet test.

Note: We use build/vsts-ci.yml to define our official build

Building in Release or Debug

By default, building from the root or within a project will build the libraries in Debug mode. One can build in Debug or Release mode from the root by doing build.cmd -Release or build.cmd -Debug.

Building other Architectures

We only support 64-bit binaries right now.