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Now the fsproj works with all three the msbuild host runtimes (.net core, .net framework, mono >= 5.0)


  • .net core dotnet restore, dotnet build (as note, dotnet build = dotnet msbuild /t:Build)
  • .net fw msbuild.exe /t:Restore, msbuild.exe /t:Build
  • mono msbuild /t:Restore, msbuild /t:Build

Also fsc used will depends on msbuild host runtimes, so:

  • .net core fsc.dll (netcoreapp1.0)
  • .net fw fsc.exe (net40)
  • mono mono fsc.exe (net40)

NOTE fsc used is inside FSharp.Compiler.Tools nuget package

bump to FSharp.Compiler.Tools 4.1.15

NOTE msbuild.exe (VS2017) need a workaround, more info in Microsoft/visualfsharp#2928

NOTE mono 5.0 Alpha 3 ( need a workaround, more info in mono bug #55626