.NET Core SDK rc4

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Links for installation:

Use the simpler instructions but use -lang f# for dotnet new

The dotnet new args are changed, see below

F# works after install all supported os.

Some fsproj examples for rc4

To check version, you can run

dotnet --version

and the output should be 1.0.0-rc4-004771

An quickstart, to create a console app and run it:

dotnet new console -lang f#
dotnet restore
dotnet run

To run an ASP.NET Core app, is the same, just use another template

dotnet new mvc -lang f#
dotnet restore
dotnet run

NOTE Ionide/VSCode doesnt support yet FSharp.NET.Sdk version 1.0.0

NOTE See below in IDE Support section how to fix that, using previous FSharp.NET.Sdk

To use Visual Studio Code with Ionide with full intellisense,build,run (debug doesnt work) do dotnet build BEFORE opening the VSCode. You can also reload the language services by invoking the "Reload Window" command from the command palette by pressing F1 or Ctrl+Shift+P and typing Reload Window. Reloading the window can also help if the F# language services stall in VSCode for any reason.

dotnet new lib -lang f#
dotnet restore
dotnet build
code .


Like rc3, this version is msbuild based

  • This version is based on msbuild (version 15.0) so .fsproj for project file
  • normal command (dotnet build, dotnet pack, etc) continue to work, but invoke the msbuild
  • use dotnet msbuild to run msbuild directly

To help in converting from project.json to .fsproj, see this post for information about the equivalent options in each.

Changes from rc3

  • CHANGED dotnet new arguments

Is now based on https://github.com/dotnet/templating and cli args are changed a bit

See msdn blog post who contains info about dotnet new

For example:

  • in rc3: dotnet new -t console -l fsharp (or -l fs or -l f#)
  • in rc4: dotnet new console -lang f#

In rc4 argument is -lang f# (no more alias like fsharp or fs)

Do dotnet new -lang f# to show all template for F#.

Or dotnet new -l for all templates (C# and F#)

Known issues


dotnet migrate doesnt support F# yet:

error on build/pack using multiple frameworks (<TargetFrameworks>)

using <TargetFrameworks>net451;netcoreapp1.0</TargetFrameworks> the dotnet build/pack fails. It's normal.

  • WORKAROUND: pass runtime to build net451, for example -r win7-x64

using .NET Framework as targets framework, the osx/unix build fails

Use a .net framwork (not core) like <TargetFramework>net451</TargetFramework> (or in TargetFrameworks) the dotnet build/pack fails on osx/unix, instead on windows work

IDE Support

  • VS Code with F# Ionide extension: ok (build/run/intellisense), ko (debug)

    • NOTE: doesnt work yet with FSharp.NET.Sdk version 1.0.0 (version 1.0.0-beta-* resolve 1.0.0 sigh)
    • NOTE: require to use FSharp.NET.Sdk pin specific version 1.0.0-beta-060000 and dotnet-compile-fsc.

      <PackageReference Include="FSharp.NET.Sdk" Version="1.0.0-beta-060000" PrivateAssets="All" />
      <DotNetCliToolReference Include="dotnet-compile-fsc" Version="1.0.0-preview2-020000" />
    • NOTE: the VSCode should be opened after the first dotnet build (ref ionide/ionide-vscode-fsharp#312 )

  • VS 2017RC: no
  • Notepad and cli: from day 0 all dotnet sdk commands, ok (new,restore/build/run/pack/publish/test), ko (migrate)